Famous Belgians

Never one to resist a challenge, even when it was not directed at me. Even when I read about it in the comments page of somebody else’s site… Ahem, anyway, the challenge laid down by Joe at it always rains in Wales was to name 10 famous Belgians. Here’s the exchange:

that’s harsh …. naming 10 famous belgians off the top of your head really isn’t that difficult you know …
but just don’t, whatever you do, marry one.
03.02.03 @ 07:02:34

Go on then, I dare you!
08.02.03 @ 00:47:20

Now one of the few benefits of living five years in Belgium is that I am more aware than your average joe (no pun intended) of quite a few well-known Belgians. I wouldn’t go so far as to say “famous”, but then again it depends on your definition. So here’s my list:
René Magritte
Hieronymus Bosch
Audrey Hepburn
Plastic Bertrand
Georges Simenon
Liz Claiborne
Jacques Brel
Eddie Merckx

Now it’s over to you. Have I missed anyone? Any dispute over this list of ten?

Update: You might like to visit Famous Belgians for a longer list list (currently at 259).

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