Other wind

I’ve been enjoying visits to other wind recently.

Aside from the beautifully designed site, there is a journal:

I usually work with older records, from the time before ID, when people weren?t even forced to decide on a consistent surname spelling. I like reading the old names and keep a list at work of the funny or illustrious names I?ve found. I can?t remember them all at the moment, but these three have stuck in my mind:

Ananais McCoy Ananais is a name that needs reviving, for all the strong, silent men.

Prettiman Jones I pronounce this one ‘Pretty Man’ and see a smooth talker, gorgeous, African-American, tipping hat and winking at ladies.

Mordecai Mendinghouse This name needs to have its own poem, complete with a lonely, serious, bearded man, stocky in his black hat and suspenders, clopping slowly up a dirt road into town in his horse-pulled wagon. He likes his horses.

I’m catching up on the short fiction (white lilies and rain) and memoirs (try rinsing water).

Now I’m hoping that Wendy is going to tell us more about Aunt Faye…

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