Wet hairy thoughts

A post by pixeldiva:

According to Lush (via the BBC) the best place to wash your hair is in Scotland.

Well no shit sherlock.

When I lived in Glasgow I never ever used conditioner, and my hair was always shiny and in good condition. Since moving down to London I find I have to use conditioner every time I wash my hair, otherwise I look like something that’s been dragged through a hedge backwards.

Still, it looks like Lush have the right idea – regional shampoos, rather than just by hair type. Shiny clean hair for all!

reminded me of a conversation many years ago when I clumsily tried to explain to a group of English friends that my hair was much nicer when I washed it at my parents’ home (in Wales). The water feels “wetter” (cue much hilarity), it absorbs into your skin and hair in a way that English hard water never does. In a very hard water area the water can almost bounce off your skin.

I’d never heard of limescale until I moved to England. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I opened a kettle for the first time. ‘Course now I know all about lovely water filters so it’s rarely an issue.

So now it’s official. And I still love washing my hair in Wales.

4 Responses to “Wet hairy thoughts”

  1. pix
    July 18th, 2003 14:29

    Just think – if that’s what it does to the inside of a kettle – what is it doing to our hair and skin!


  2. Daisy
    July 18th, 2003 14:48

    The price we pay for living in the metropolis, eh?


  3. Gert
    July 18th, 2003 21:44

    It’s not as simple as saying ‘england’. the water in Manchester is deliciously soft. No limescale. Much less soap/detergent etc needed to get a lather.

  4. Daisy
    July 18th, 2003 23:50

    You’re right, that wasn’t fair. And in parts of Wales the water is quite hard too (e.g. the Vale of Glamorgan).

    Now there’s an idea, a map of the UK showing hard/soft water areas.

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