Popping in to say a quick howdy doo da

It’s all been a bit frantic here, too few hours in the day to cope with all the deadlines. A real stress fest. I’ve barely had time to read blogs, let alone find any new ones so this will be a linkally challenged post I’m afraid. That’s not a real word, is it? Any suggestions?

We didn’t make the Wag & Bone show – I was already worried about going there on such a hot day but in the end it was decided for us as a certain furry monster decided to come into season the day before. There is no way I would take a bitch in heat to a venue teeming with hundreds of male dogs all trying to have their evil way with her.

So to avoid the heat (in both senses), we’re walking them late at night and getting reacquainted with the nocturnal wildlife. I wish I had a penny for every hedgehog I’ve tripped over since last week. And the bats! Eeeuw. I considered finding a beekeeper’s bonnet but I do have some standards left, even at this advanced age…

I was looking for the translation of thank you in Arabic the other day when I came across a really useful site. Ever needed to translate “I have seen many films with beautiful blonde Swedish women”? Go here immediately!

It’s funny what turns up when you’re looking for a Greek font. Do know how to say Daisy in Greek? No? Go here and read all about Nteizi‘s Little Trip. Cool. If that fails to please then you could try the chat up lines here.

If you’re not in the mood for learning useful foreign phrases then maybe you’d prefer to get creative and draw an eastender. Or you could check out the artwork at digital blasphemy (thanks to Nina for that).

Need something to stretch the grey matter? How about Meg‘s quiz?

So what you have you all been up to while I’ve been away? I know that Estella has been making me giggle tonight, as always and Harriet has written a novel in two short paragraphs. Me wishes me could write like that.

Oh dear, Karan is forced to blog via Western Union – hope it all gets fixed soon Karan! I think it’s the strain of all those yodelling links.

Right, I’m off to bed. Night, night.

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