People in glass houses

I just clicked on a link at I Love Everything to an “hilariously crap (and scarily obsessive) Anti-Madonna site“.

Who am I to criticise someone for using up oodles of their spare time ranting against Madonna? People in glass houses and all that.

But then I came across his anti-European rant.

I believe that most Europeans are over- sexed wackos and nut cases with sexual morĂ©s that are too lax. I bring this up because one oft- repeated criticism of Americans by Europeans is that Americans need to lighten up. Americans are said to be too “Puritanical” regarding the topic of sex.

I propose that Europeans are too trampy and need to become more Puritanical.


I am especially disgusted by the French laissez faire attitude toward sex. Marriage, commitment, and fidelity are not taken seriously by many French (and neither is bathing regularly), it would seem. Isn’t France, after all, the nation of people who see nothing out of the ordinary of married men having mistresses?

(I will concede that there are probably some French who do have decent morals and hygiene; my observations are not meant to be applied to all French.)

I have seen French television commericals. We have all heard of the adage that “sex sells,” but I was amazed to see French commericals in which topless women were shown hawking toothpaste.

He concludes with

It is about time, therefore, that all the Europeans repeating the mantra that Americans allegedly have ‘hang ups’ with sex and then chiding us for being offended by Madonna’s trashy sexual antics stop doing so.

This from someone who has streaming video of the Madonna/Britney kiss plus stills of other female to female kisses on his front page. Presumably following that same old adage that “sex sells”. Personally I find the exploitative shit that is Jerry Springer, Ricki Lake, et al far more offensive than seeing naked breasts at 7 in the morning. Other than my own that is. But let’s get back to the real world.

It’s difficult to get definitive figures for gun deaths and injuries in the States (“there are three kinds of lies: lies, damn lies, and statistics”, Mark Twain) but here’s one estimate:

Here are gun-related deaths per 100,000 people in the world’s 36 richest countries in 1994:
United States 14.24
Brazil 12.95
Mexico 12.69

Estonia 12.26

Argentina 8.93

Northern Ireland 6.63
Finland 6.46
Switzerland 5.31
France 5.15
Canada 4.31
Norway 3.82
Austria 3.70
Portugal 3.20
Israel 2.91
Belgium 2.90
Australia 2.65
Slovenia 2.60
Italy 2.44
New Zealand 2.38
Denmark 2.09

Sweden 1.92
Kuwait 1.84
Greece 1.29
Germany 1.24
Hungary 1.11
Republic of Ireland 0.97
Spain 0.78

Netherlands 0.70
Scotland 0.54
England and Wales 0.41

Taiwan 0.37
Singapore 0.21
Mauritius 0.19
Hong Kong 0.14
South Korea 0.12
Japan 0.05

The study found that gun-related deaths were five to six times higher in the Americas than in Europe or Australia and New Zealand and 95 times higher than in Asia.

Yes dear, you go worry about a few tits and arses on television while the rest of us worry about slightly more pressing matters.

5 Responses to “People in glass houses”

  1. Karan
    September 11th, 2003 15:32

    Yeah, but his web site is ugly so nothing he writes is valid….

  2. Gert
    September 11th, 2003 19:07

    D’you think he’s ever been more than fifty miles from his home? Or ever had sex?

  3. richard
    September 11th, 2003 22:57

    Um, which channel are the topless women selling toothpaste on? Can we pick up this channel in Britain?

    I need to know this so that I can avoid seeing these depraved adverts. Obviously. *cough*

  4. Daisy
    September 11th, 2003 23:40

    Sky 828


  5. Daisy
    September 14th, 2003 10:06


    Update: make that Sky 825 (I think you have to tune it in manually, it doesn’t come with the standard Sky installation).

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