Y’a du monde au balcon!

I love learning about the origin of words so was delighted to come across TAD (The Alternative Dictionaries) (via born squishy). And spookily enough I was just about to go search for something said on QI tonight, that Italian street slang for a gay man is finocchio, literally fennel. Why? Must go look. Unless you know? Anyway, there are listings of rude, obscene slang in many languages. Here’s one of the less offensive.

y’a du monde au balcon (verb phrase)
what a set of knockers! French females are usually rather petite, and their ideal standard for tits remains the champagne cup – a rather small format, as opposed to the ample breasts found on American women, for instance. “Y’a du monde au balcon” indicates that she certainly has an ample chest to greet males with…It is somewhat analogous to “Es gibt Holz vor der Tür” (there’s a pile of wood before the door) in German. There are unfortunately less refined ways to indicate that ample knockers do not correspond to the French small-tit standard: “c’est une vraie vache (laitière)” (she’s a real cow!).

And in Dutch

Johny (noun, male) A non-intellectual male person. Pejorative use of the male first name once popular in Dutch working class. Also ‘Johnny’ or ‘Sjonnie’. Often used in conjunction with its female equivalent ‘Anita’. Example: “Elke Johny rijdt een Opel Manta.”

If I remember rightly, in Flemish speaking parts of Belgium referring to a couple as “Johny en Marina” is the British equivalent of sniffily reporting that they come from a council estate. With an unspoken assumption that the car would be sporting their names on a green strip across the top of the windscreen.

There are errors and some of the definitions are questionable but it’s under reconstruction so could turn into a fascinating site.

Warning: TAD contains explicit and potentially offensive material. No really.

2 Responses to “Y’a du monde au balcon!”

  1. Gert
    September 12th, 2003 08:24

    Ooh, I haven’t seen that names on the sun strip for years. Mind you, I’ve heard that the Ford Capri is to be revived!

  2. Daisy
    September 12th, 2003 10:19

    Oh dear.

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