RoShamBo anyone?

…a competition to write the best Rock-Paper-Scissors game. In theory, writing such a game should have been trivial and produced an unbreakable deadlock of competing programs. That it didn’t says a lot about artificial intelligence and its predicition mechanisms.

Part 1 and Part 2

[via Switchbox]

3 Responses to “RoShamBo anyone?”

  1. the manly smell
    September 29th, 2003 14:28

    Come on then, what’s your one blog?

  2. Daisy
    September 29th, 2003 14:56

    I’d better post it here too in case anyone’s wondering:

    For services in the line of cheering up a DDD (Dreadfully Depressed Daisy), I hereby award The Manly Smell of a Pipe the “One Website Above All Others Award” ~ the OWALOA.

  3. the manly smell
    September 29th, 2003 15:50

    I was just reading your “100 things” (well 55 anyway) which I’d never spotted before, when I remembered that I know your real name. Don’t know why I still remember it, but I do. Don’t really know why I felt the need to write that down, but never mind.

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