Bouncing back

Feeling a bit perkier today, despite missing afternoon tea at Uborka. Damn, I could have brought along a nice batch of bara brith. Maybe it was the tantalising news over at Gert’s. Sniff.

Still deep in thought after reading John Pilger’s article on the media, then came across the news that Rubert Murdoch and The Guardian are joining forces:

Rupert Murdoch, The Guardian Newspaper Group, magazine group IPC (and others) have formed an unlikely coalition, the British Internet Providers Association, in order to do one thing: decimate the BBC Online website, and protect their own online ventures. They demand that “BBC Online should be scaled back to being a ‘news portal’ and…should release its internet source code to commercial organisations.” Spin-off projects such as iCan, the grassroots political site which the BBC is set to launch in October, would be trashed, and the BBC’s use of its website to promote programmes, magazines and services would be restricted. In addition the BBC would face a cost ceiling on its online budget and be forced to “provide links to the news services of its competitors.”

There’s a good discussion over at MetaFilter.

Did I sleep through the winter and wake up on April 1st?

2 Responses to “Bouncing back”

  1. Pewari
    September 30th, 2003 20:03

    I’m actually quite disgusted with the Guardian that they’ve joined forces with Murdoch et. al … my estimation has dropped considerably.

  2. Daisy
    October 1st, 2003 01:39

    I’m buying Private Eye this week for sure!

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