Dog for adoption

(you can open your eyes, this one’s for real).

Does anyone live near Woodinville WA? Thinking of adopting a dog? Then go have a look at the Hooterville Homeward Pet Adoption Center (on the north side of the Clearwater Spas building in Woodinville).

This is Blue.

Beautiful German shepherd dog called Blue

“One of the great and disturbing mysteries at Homeward is why in the world Blue is still here. She’s obviously one of the most striking dogs we’ve ever seen. That takes care of the beauty part. She’s extremely bright. That takes care of the intelligence part. She loves people but isn’t one to slobber all over you the first time you meet. She’s from the Old School, she likes to get to know you a bit and expects you to be at least as smart as she (though she doesn’t care for math). That takes care of the personality part. She adores car rides and hikes in the woods and has the agility of a butterfly. That takes care of the physical part.

What’s the problem then? Could it be she’s nine years old? Is the ugly spectre of ageism rearing its head? If it is, shame on you. Blue is in her prime, not on the downhill slope. Don’t confuse old age with maturity. She can run all day, then grab a bite to eat, curl up against you for a light massage, give you a facelick, take a nap and do it all over again. Won’t even wind her. Maybe it’s the fact she’s not too fond of other dogs. So what? How often do you throw a party for the canines on your block? We’ve been working with her and she’s making progress, so lighten up. Granted, you probably won’t ever see her picture on an Animal Planet Doggy Dating Service but you won’t have to muzzle her like Hannibal Lecter when you take her for a spin, either.

This sweet, wonderful, warm-hearted girl would like nothing more than to find a permanent, loving home with people who adore her. She will give back so much more than she will ever take. So do yourself an enormous favor and come visit her.”

You’d rather a male dog? How about this gorgeous great dane/boxer cross. Please, someone go rescue him and change his name from Malcolm. In fact, let’s come up with a great name for him right here. I’ll suggest Bruno. Does he look like a Bruno to you?

Picture of Malcolm

2 Responses to “Dog for adoption”

  1. richard
    October 17th, 2003 22:29

    For some reason I find myself thinking “Douglas” when I look at him.

  2. Daisy
    October 17th, 2003 23:18

    Douglas? Nope, doesn’t float my boat I’m afraid. How about Oscar?

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