Scary things

Huw posted today about scary things. It’s not written as a meme but it’s interesting (and timely) so I think we ought to make it one. Here goes.

Your childhood
I was also lucky enough to be brought up in a loving, close knit family.

Scary moments while travelling?
Being punched in the stomach by a strange man in Notre Dame cathedral in Paris. He appeared out of nowhere, did the deed and ran away. At the risk of sounding Pollyanna-ish, I’m glad he “chose” me rather than the Japanese woman standing to my right who was 4 months pregnant.

Scariest personal moments
1. Grand-daughter being taken to hospital with mengitis. Worst 48 hours of our lives.
2. While at the hospital we had a phone call from my father-in-law (who we hadn’t yet told about the meningitis) telling us that he had cancer. It spread rapidly and he died a month later.
3. Being told that the baby my sister-in-law was carrying was “badly deformed” (the consultant’s words) and that she owed it to society to have an abortion. That badly deformed foetus was born perfectly healthy and is now the bonniest nine year old you could hope to meet. They got it very wrong. The scary part was thinking evil thoughts about the consultant. Not for getting it wrong, but for his attitude. Better not write any more.
4. Getting separated from the brownie pack while out on a field trip in the Welsh hills. It’s also on the list of most embarrassing moment (my father was in the mountain rescue team that would have been called out if I hadn’t eventually found my way home).

Scariest films
I would divide scary films into two groups – the first group make you jump with fright on occasions (like Scream), the second (and more frightening) are those that have you in a constant state of unease and panic. Like Picnic at Hanging Rock. Bear in mind that I haven’t seen that many scary films:
1. Picnic at Hanging Rock (group 1)
2. The Blair Witch Project (both groups)
3. Scream (group 1)
4. The Others (both groups)
5. Ditto Huw’s “Any early black and white Dr. Who” but especially the Daleks (both groups)

Just scary
1. Chatting with a ghost on holiday in Ireland (story for another day)
2. The bathroom of a French gite (I’ve already wibbled about that one)
3. The thought of ending my days in a nursing home
4. The thought of a Tory government. So I’m well pleased to see Michael (“I will never stand again for the leadership of the Conservative Party”) Howard on his way in. [Links via Tom Watson]

So how about yours?

Next week I think we ought to follow it up with a nod to Julie Andrews and a post entitled, “These are a few of my favourite things”. Maybe we can take inspiration from this version. Or this one. Or even this one.

3 Responses to “Scary things”

  1. colskee
    October 31st, 2003 15:53

    >Being punched in the stomach by a strange man in Notre Dame cathedral in Paris. He appeared out of nowhere, did the deed and ran away.

    whereupon you chased him Lara-style, administered four swift kicks to the groin area and still had time to catch the Paris sunset. right?

  2. Fluffy
    October 31st, 2003 18:50

    can i borrow ur close knit family sometime?
    Mine is deficient

  3. Anji
    November 1st, 2003 14:45

    I’ve got a wonderful, handsome, intelligent, kind and funny thirteen year old son who, had I listened to certain ‘friends’, would have been ‘flushed’, as he puts it. My family Doctor seemed to be the only one outside of the immediate family who understood.

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