And the reason for the trip to the vets

It seems that Dizzy might have a phantom pregnancy. I’m not entirely convinced – she has the swollen nipples and is producing milk but isn’t mothering anything and she’s certainly not off her food – but he’s given us a hormone treatment and we take her back in a week. My poor little sausage.

3 Responses to “And the reason for the trip to the vets”

  1. dvd
    November 14th, 2003 16:23

    was the spelling out of ‘nipples’ so that you wouldn’t get inappropriate google hits? good idea! especially since you’ve got ‘sausage’ there too.

    okay, nobody say ‘nipples’ on this page, right?

  2. dvd
    November 14th, 2003 16:24



  3. Daisy
    November 14th, 2003 16:49

    You sod!

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