February’s child

Morgaine and Richard are baring their blogging souls so…

Abstract thoughts [eh?].
Loves reality and abstract [eh?].
Intelligent and clever. [See above.]
Changing personality. [Even as we speak]
Temperamental [very].
Quiet, ailment shy and humble.
Honest and loyal.
Determined to reach goals.
Loves freedom.
Rebellious when restricted.
Loves Hates aggressiveness.
Too sensitive and easily hurt. [Oh too true]
Gets angry really easily but does not show it.
Dislikes unnecessary things.
Loves making friends but rarely shows it.
Daring and stubborn.
Realizing dreams and hopes. [Bit vague that?]
Sharp. [Can be.]
Loves entertainment and leisure. [What?]
Romantic on the inside not outside. [Very true]
Superstitious and ludicrous. [Ditto]
Spendthrift. [Ditto.]
Tries to learn to show emotions. [Ditto]

I should add that you can get the full list of months from Morgaine.

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