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Question of the day: Why are there so many s-p-a-m emails around proclaiming “Get your c-o-d-e-i-n-e while you still can” ? Are they going to stop manufacturing it? Ban it? Does anyone know?

I’m supposed to be finding some things to distract Graeme from a boring day at work but the best link of the day (the fiendishly difficult bake your own cookies) comes from him. Sigh. Pressure, pressure…

2 Responses to “In-between post”

  1. graeme
    December 29th, 2003 20:03

    Not sure about the codeine – I’m too busy buying viagra and helping African gentlemen with their money problems.

  2. Daisy
    December 29th, 2003 21:14

    You too? How spooky is that! Just 5 of us were handpicked from around the world to help them move those funds and it turns out that 2 of those 5 are thee and me? I can’t believe the coincidence. Don’t know about you but I’m so pleased to be helping those nice chaps. I know we’re going to make a few million dollars from the transaction but that’s not why I’m doing it. It’s the selfless act of helping these good folk get ahold of money that’s rightfully theirs. Oh I’m so glad we’re in this together…

    [Disclaimer: I do not read, usually do not even see, junk/spam mail. If you’re looking to scam, go elsewhere. Try TheShrubATTheWhitehouseDOTcom…]

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