How many errors can you fit into one rabid rant?

Why Leerburg won’t sell to France

If you want to know why I will not sell training videos or products to France you can read this short article by Andy Rooney.

If you are an American you may or may not agree with the Iraqi war – the time for discent (sic) ended when the war started. Now that it has begun it’s time to support our troops.

I have long thought the best part of Frances (sic) gene pool was killed in WW1 and WW2. This has been confirmed by the French Government throught (sic) recent history.

Lets (sic) not forget that France refused to allow American military planes to fly over France to deal with Libia (sic) and Kadafi (sic) in the 1980’s. After we bombed Kadafi’s (sic) tent there were no more terrorist acts sponsored by the Libian (sic) Government. We lost one pilot in that raid.

In my opinion France is not worth one American’s life.

Readers of a more sensitive nature might want to skip Mr Rooney’s article and the subsequent “jokes”.

In the grand scheme of things this post will not affect anything. I certainly would not buy anything from a supplier that sells prong collars to the general public. But it made me feel good.

[Via Dean Allen.]

6 Responses to “How many errors can you fit into one rabid rant?”

  1. e
    January 17th, 2004 17:50


    Quite scary really, but only to be expected- people hold views across the spectrum. It is a slightly strange business decision to make however- seems that the ideology is overruling the commercial considerations, which should start alarm bells ringing.

  2. Penny Farthing
    January 17th, 2004 18:24

    Do you think they got one of their dogs to write it?

  3. richard
    January 17th, 2004 21:08

    I suspect that english is not his first language.

  4. stroppycow
    January 17th, 2004 21:12

    On behalf of the French I have to say I am sorely disappointed that Mr Leeburg feels he has to deprive my fellow nationals from the no doubt immense benefit of his training videos. I dare say if they match his prose in quality then the loss to the nation is incalculable. Oh dear, it’s hard to type when one is laughing so hard.

  5. Daisy
    January 17th, 2004 21:46

    Hey, shall we all email him and demand that the page be translated into French? And then we can offer to do it and get up to some real mischief!

  6. Frank Brach
    March 25th, 2004 05:01

    France is a joke!

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