Humungous URLs

You all know about creating a tiny url, yes? It allows you to create a smaller URL from a much longer one.

Well some joker has created the opposite: huge url. So chasingdaisy becomes a catchy little 15,000+ character url. Heh.

[Via Langa List and Mike’s List.]

5 Responses to “Humungous URLs”

  1. e
    January 29th, 2004 18:19

    Mmmmm…useful. Where do you find these fantastic things?

  2. Lee
    January 29th, 2004 19:11

    You know, i need the typing practice beacuse http://chasingdaisy.typepad.com just isn’t long enough

  3. Daisy
    January 29th, 2004 19:17

    I’m online too much e!

  4. Rose
    January 30th, 2004 04:21

    I didn’t know about teeny weeny url…

  5. Rose
    January 30th, 2004 04:23

    Damn! That’s a long url!!

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