Following on from the Moleskinerie contest, this week’s spotlight is on Danny Gregory’s blog, Everyday Matters.

I’ve kept journals in the past. On that lovely squared paper bought on exchange visits in France. Growing up in a household of boys I wrote in French to avoid prying eyes. Rather than sketching, I would glue bits and pieces straight on to the pages. I knitted a jumper once (a hideous black and pink mohair monstrosity). In went strands of the wool. We went to see (the then very funny) Max Boyce in concert on my fifteenth birthday. In went the ticket and the autographed photo. I also used to make travel scrapbooks, adding postcards, ticket stubs, menus, coasters… No wonder I like blogging so much.

Then I got the iPAQ and tried to wean myself off the paper fetish. But five years later and I’m drifting back to paper notebooks. There is nothing quite like the feel of a good quality paper that has been written on both sides.

And now that I’ve drooled over Danny’s site, my eyes are wandering over to the cupboard where I keep a secret stash of notebooks, colouring pencils and of course a supply of purple pens. And I’m itching to get writing and glueing. Dammit.

8 Responses to “Journalling”

  1. e
    February 1st, 2004 04:18

    I prefer the lined version. There’s something about getting those brand new exercise books out of my bag in September which made me feel glad to be back at school.
    I’m trying to get hold of a load of personalised purple pens, by the husband thinks that the minimum purchase of 100 pens is a little large for my purposes. I reckon I’d manage to give them away, but he doubts it. What d’you think? (you do have a vested interest of course)

  2. annipink
    February 1st, 2004 09:43

    Oh god – purple pens! What is it about purple pens?

    I’d have some, e, defo!

  3. Nagl
    February 1st, 2004 18:02

    Great googly moogly, that Everyday Matters site is a wonderful find! Thanks for spotlighting it; the talent on show is somewhat intimidating, but certainly inspiring.

  4. Daisy
    February 2nd, 2004 15:09

    Oh e, that paper is lovely! And hands up for the purple pen idea. How about a few competitions? Make us work for the prize? Heh.

    Glad you like Danny’s site Nagl. With all this inspiration floating around, I should have spent yesterday journalling rather than thumping modems and switching microfilters…

  5. Anji
    February 2nd, 2004 15:50

    I use purple and turquoise pens. I didn’t like the French paper at first, I’m used to it now.

  6. Daisy
    February 2nd, 2004 16:25

    Hi Anji – I haven’t been able to access your blog for a while now, I just see a blank page?

    As for pens, I must admit, turquoise comes a very close second to purple.

  7. petra
    May 4th, 2004 02:30

    OMG I’ve even heard of anyone who had the tiny squared French paper fetish before. I used to store up potential journals. Did the scrapbooking thing too. When I came to live in the Caribbean on a tiny island with hardly any shops and went sailing to a French island and found a fabulous stationary shop, it was like cup runnething over :-)

    So I just had to comment….

  8. Falling Sky
    February 5th, 2004 23:38

    Eye Know

    Bouncing around blogs and other websites can lead to a few things. Often, eye-bulging horror at po-faced self-important guff spouted forth like so much industrial bilge. But… BUT! Every now & then you hit big shiny golden gold, which can

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