What happened here?


*Big sigh.* If you don’t do something as soon as you think of it, someone else is going to do that something. And do it better than you could ever hope to.

Moleskinerie has an intriguing contest. See that picture? Study it closely. And answer the question ~ what happened here? The best explanation to this mystery wins a copy of Everyday Matters by Danny Gregory.

Now where did I put my deerstalker

2 Responses to “What happened here?”

  1. Danny Gregory
    January 31st, 2004 16:15

    I like your blog quite a bit, Perhaps you;’d enjoy mine and a preview of the book you will (hopefully) win!

  2. Daisy
    January 31st, 2004 17:44

    Oh Danny. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to read more blogs. Oh okay then.


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