Strike while the iron’s hot

Why oh why do I procrastinate so much? I had a great idea for a competition to run this week but it’s being done right now on the dvd forum [registration required].

“Motion Picture”

Take a picture that mimics a scene from your favourite movies.

Try something that would capture the moment of a film, I doubt many of us can do a Matrix shot without Neo in it or Touching the Void without climbing some peak. But a simple yet effective shot of a Sunset could remind someone of the scene in Forrest Gump or a good concert shot in the style of Almost Famous.

Suggestions so far include My Left Foot and Pitch Black:

A black rectangle

You know, thinking about it, that’s not really what I had in mind – I was thinking more along the lines of cobbling together some pipe cleaners, bits of paper and plastic to recreate famous movie scenes.

So how about it? Any volunteers?

In the meantime, Lump has a great quiz going on right now – name those pants.

Update: Or we could concentrate on “imaginative things to do with food” [via Mindy]

One Response to “Strike while the iron’s hot”

  1. Fluffy
    February 25th, 2004 20:11

    i would definately do this !!!!!

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