can be a terrible thing. But they can be funny. And if these were about the Welsh I’d still post them. Honest.

If Friends were filmed in Liverpool

Scouser keyboard

Liverpool airport

[via non blogging Jane]

5 Responses to “Stereotypes”

  1. Shelagh
    March 25th, 2004 18:49

    ROTFLMAO!! I particularly like the aeroplane :D

  2. lump
    March 25th, 2004 20:10

    [offtopic] I’ve added a female music mix just for you as requested. [/offtopic]

  3. Daisy
    March 25th, 2004 20:34

    I’ve been and had a go but v. busy so will come back for a second listen. By which time someone will have them all right and I can just sit back and be lazy. Heh.

  4. pencils
    March 26th, 2004 20:46

    As a native of the finest city on the planet, I just wanted to let you know my feelings.


  5. Kate
    April 1st, 2004 01:17

    I hope my plane doesn’t look like that on Saturday, otherwise we’ll be going nowhere fast!

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