Beauty tips

On awakening, ailment zombie-like, store from the over-work induced coma that is the norm this past week, do not scream in horror in the belief that someone has stolen into the bedroom in the dark of the night to place black (knee highs on your legs. Relax! It is simply that you have forgotten to shave your legs in a long while.

Run a nice hot bath, take a razor and apply gently to legs. Those knee-highs will be but a dark, distant memory…

6 Responses to “Beauty tips”

  1. cindy
    March 26th, 2004 20:20

    hahaha! knee highs. That’s too funny.

  2. e
    March 26th, 2004 21:27

    Glad you’ve survived it… Welcome back to the land of…erm…welcome back to life and leisure.

  3. em
    March 27th, 2004 19:20

    hee, funny! we once shaved my brother’s legs while he slept off…well, suffice it to say that it wasn’t a long hard day at work. hooboy, was he not amused.

  4. Fluffy
    March 28th, 2004 11:57

    OMG Daisy that was too funny!

  5. owen
    March 29th, 2004 16:02

    Knee highs. You made me snort. :) Something like a hair shirt, I think. I always feel bad for a woman’s legs with the shaving and waxing. I understand, certainly, with culture as it is why women shave, but I have to wonder what s.o.b. started it in the first place, if you know what I mean.

    I shouldn’t admit to this, but many times I’ll shave Mary’s legs for her if she’s too tired, or frustrated, or can’t get the back of the knee. Don’t know why really. Strange things, little things you do for the one you love.

    Best to you Daisy, and thank you for this site, as always with the rapid fire wisdom and the humor.

  6. Stacy Austin | Weblog
    March 27th, 2004 20:58

    Bit about the hair

    Question of the day: Why does hair on legs continue to grow faster than hair on head? One of my resolutions was to let my hair grow out (on my head, silly). After Travis and I broke up, I had…

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