I need

a sideblog for the next couple of weeks, just somewhere I can throw links. But that wouldn’t so much fun. Ah well, blogging at midnight it is then.

So what have we in the pot for today? Well, how about Kartoo, a visual search engine?

Or maybe a blog hosting company for us lefties?


There’s a new blogging service at square space, while Jamie Jamison is testing Blogware and comparing it against TypePad.

Lowering the tone a little, Zeno, bless him, is running a competition. He posts pictures of bloggers’ bums, you have to guess who they are. Rest assured, there will not be a Daisy entry. Prudery personified, c’est moi.

Found while searching for something else – Hell’s Language: An Historical, Social, and Linguistical Look at Cussing by Glenda Thompson

In case you haven’t seen it, put some time aside for The Greatest Story Never Told and maybe Sambakza. I’ll have to watch that one again properly.

Hell fire, I’m tired. One more then it’s off to bed.

2 Responses to “I need”

  1. Morgaine
    March 28th, 2004 15:32

    Blog hosting company for lefties, I bet that is a much needed service *grin*

    And that article about cursing, well, all the asterisks were rather annoying, almost made me do a little cursing myself ;-p

  2. QueerCode
    March 30th, 2004 06:23

    A Look at Cussing

    On a lighter note, here is an academic look at cussing: Hell’s Language: An Historical, Social, and Linguistical Look at Cussing. [Via ChasingDaisy] @};– PS I used to live in Albuquerque! :*

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