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Here in the UK, BBC Radio 4 stops broadcasting at 1 in the morning and switches to the World Service. Of course by that time many of us are tucked up safely in bed but all these late nights recently have meant that I’ve been enjoying the World Service for more hours that I care to remember.

Anyway, last night (or technically in the early hours of this morning) I was half listening to Bert Kwok (Cato in the Pink Panther) introduce two monologues in the Worldplay series. Hearing laughter (it was recorded in front of an audience), I started listening properly then stopped working altogether to enjoy one of the best things I’ve heard on the radio in many years.

Play of the Week this week concludes our Worldplay Season. Two Viewings comprises two monologues recorded as live, and directed in America by Dennis Erdman for Los Angeles Theatre Works.

‘Tell Tale’ is narrated by actor Bruce Davison, as a respectable married mortician with a secret passion for a real estate agent specialising in selling property to the bereaved.

And in ‘Thirteen Things About Ed Carpolotti’, Rue McClanahan plays a newly widowed suburban matron who finds her comfortable world crashing down around her, only to be rescued by love, from beyond the grave.

And following the monologues, members of the L.A. Theatre Works Acting Company, including Jeff Goldblum, describe what made them want to pursue their acting careers.

I loved the Rue McClanahan (instantly identifiable as Blanche from the Golden Girls) performance and I’m off now to hear it again. It’s a wondeful story and she is just perfect as the grieving widow. I’ll come back and add the author’s name when I find it, doesn’t seem to be on the website.

You can hear it here, please do go and listen, I promise you will enjoy it. Don’t go thinking it’s a “girlie” story. Oh no. Ah go on, you can come back and leave rude messages here if you don’t.

4 Responses to “Play of the Week”

  1. e
    March 28th, 2004 14:22

    The World Service is usually excellent- far better than the PC-riddled R4. They have a very specific job, which is to introduce the world to spoken English and British culture, and I think they do a grand job. Plus they speak far more clearly, and with fewer idiotic expressions and trendy gobbledegook.

  2. e
    March 29th, 2004 23:22

    Daisy, I spotted this and thought you might like it…

  3. Andy
    March 30th, 2004 08:17

    the annoying thing is that the Beeb are using some newfangled audio streaming that realplayer needed an upgrade and streamripper cant rip the stream for later listening :-( which means I can’t save it to listen in the car.

  4. em
    April 2nd, 2004 00:54

    hey daisy, haven’t seen you around much.. :-( hope all is well and that the work pace lessens soon.

    i pick up bbc world news on my NPR station at night. follow along while i’m waiting for sleep to return. good listening. did you hear the short story about Balto last week? liked that…

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