Still on mini hiatus

due to manic deadlines and bleep bleepity bleep workload.

Barely have time to eat, even when there are sausages for supper…

13 Responses to “Still on mini hiatus”

  1. Rose
    March 30th, 2004 16:40

    Ewww… Is that his real pipi?

  2. e
    March 30th, 2004 17:18

    Serve him bloody right if someone took that one and bit it hard.

  3. trikke d
    March 30th, 2004 18:17

    Does it come with mayonnaise?

  4. graeme
    March 30th, 2004 18:55

    Trikke d: That comment works on so many levels.

    D: Are you really working late or is it just an excuse to post that picture? If it makes you feel any better I’m working late too. It’s 7PM and I’m still at my desk (although admittedly I’m commenting here rather than doing the coding I’m meant to be tapping away at).

  5. Jenny
    March 30th, 2004 21:09

    The awful thing is, I was actually salivating a bit, obviously before I realised what it was of course. But still! I was drooling over a…oh, ew. I only just got out the bath, I think I’m going to have to get back in again…

  6. Krysten
    March 30th, 2004 21:38

    Just stumbled upon your blog. I LOVE the layout, it’s awesome! I plan on stopping by lots more. Have a good days and I hope your workload lessens enough to allow you to eat!

  7. Shaide
    March 31st, 2004 04:13

    Ugh! that’s just wrong..lol I didn’t need to see that…heh

  8. Daisy
    March 31st, 2004 16:09

    Rose: no, I don’t think so…
    e: ooh, you’re a hard woman
    trikke d/graeme: that was a great comment and follow up. Those of us without dirty minds might’ve missed it. Thank you.
    Jenny/Shaide (and all): apologies, it was cruel of me. NOT!
    Krysten: thank you! Will be along to visit you as soon as humanly possible. Some time in 2008 by the look of things at the moment.
    Lastly to Graeme: yes I really was and am working late (18+ hour days). But yes, it was a good excuse to post that picture when it just landed in the inbox…

    Thanks everyone, back as soon as I can!


  9. Ian
    March 31st, 2004 17:47

    Dear Ms Daisy

    We have spoken before on such matters.

    Go and see your local clergyman at once.

    Rev. E. Bytwycel

  10. croila
    March 31st, 2004 17:58

    Please sir (or madam in your case, Daisy) can I have some more??

  11. owen
    March 31st, 2004 20:49

    I’m tired and it took me some seconds to catch that, though I suppose I wasn’t looking for it.

    I just put my Mary on a plane back home or I assure you she would have thought it in the best of taste. I keep trying to tell her she would love certain blogs. So many fine links, filtered through distinctive minds such as yours. Thanks,

  12. Daisy
    March 31st, 2004 22:50

    Thank you Owen. Hope you and the family are keeping well despite everything.

  13. Fluffy
    April 1st, 2004 18:32

    How huge is his todger anyway!??
    (what scarey is i imediately checked out its end and thought of all the other ppl walking aroun unsuspecting)
    I AM A PERV!
    Hellllllp meeeeee lorrrrrd

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