The one with the updates

1. Bloggers who would get along just fine: Xequa and Bringing up Shelby (via Anil) (just look at Shelby wearing goggles)

2. Not able to comment for Dave’s bloghunt – here’s the proof. 14 comments showing and yet all I can see is an empty box and my particulars have disappeared. Is it just me and Gary then?

Update: David and e were right – if you try opening the comments box a few times and hit F5 each time (refresh on Windows, not sure on Macs) then you can see the comments. Haven’t tried leaving one yet, must get back to my deadlines…

3. More cute dogs.

8 Responses to “The one with the updates”

  1. David
    April 7th, 2004 12:04

    Something screwy with that comments box–open it up, right-click on the window and choose “Refresh”, and see if that forces the comments to show up. [Worked for me using Opera.]

  2. e
    April 7th, 2004 12:48

    I find that you have to try opening it many times before it’ll work. The most number of times I’ve had to try was about 14 I reckon. It’s a pain so it is.

  3. Daisy
    April 7th, 2004 14:01

    I’ll try those, thanks guys.

  4. David
    April 7th, 2004 15:16

    Glad it worked out–as a reward I’d like you to post pictures of cute cats instead of dogs from now on. :P

  5. Daisy
    April 7th, 2004 16:25

    Here you go :-)

  6. Daisy
    April 7th, 2004 16:33

    and here

  7. e
    April 7th, 2004 17:35

    Yeurch! where did you manage to find so many cats that look like rats with tails showing?

  8. David
    April 7th, 2004 17:41

    Who turned those cats inside-out? No wonder they all look surprised!

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