Girls with big mazongas usually can’t rhumba so well

Preparing for a trip to mainland Europe? Go immediately to The Zompist Phrasebook, print it out and pin it to the inside of your jacket.

Avec les roberts comme ça, ta rhumba est exceptionnelle.

Bailas muy bien, a despecho de tus enormes naranjas.

Mädchen mit viel Holz vor die Hütt sind meistens beim Rhumba nicht so gut.

Ty khorosho tantsuyesh’ rumbu, osobenno s takimi dynyami.

Con quelle pere è difficile ballar la rumba come te.

Piger med store bryster er normalt ikke så gode til Limbo.

Meisjes met dergelijke geronde vormen, hebben doorgaans moeilijkheden met dansen.

[Many thanks to Lawren for the link.]

UPDATED: Any Italian and Danish speakers out there?

I was just delighting in the fact that not only are the phrases translated, they’re localised when I checked page 2:

Did you hear the one about the Polish guy who called the travel agency and asked, “I want to know how long it takes to fly from here to Warsaw,” and the receptionist says, “Just a minute”, and the Polish guy says, “Thanks, goodbye.”?

Vous connaissez celle du Belge qui a téléphoné à l’agence de voyages et a dit, “Je voudrais savoir combien de temps il faut pour voler d’ici à New-York,” et la réceptionniste a répondu, “Juste un moment,” et le Belge a dit, “Merci bien, au revoir” ?

Oyeron la historia del chileno que llamó a la agencia de viajes y preguntó, “¿Cuánto tiempo tarda un vuelo de aquí a Nueva York?” “Un minuto, señor,” le dice la recepcionista, y él: “Ah, gracias; chao.”

Kennst du den über den Bayern, der beim Reisebüro anruft und fragt: “Wie lange dauert es, von hier nach München zu fliegen?”, und die Verkäuferin sagt: “Eine Sekunde, bitte”, und er sagt: “Danke, servus”?

Vy ne slyshali o Chukche, kotoryy zvonit turagentstvu i sprashivayet “Skol’ko chasov polyota v N’yu-York?” i spravochnitsa govorit “Minutku” i Chukcha govorit “Bol’shoye spasibo, do svidan’ya”.

La sapete quella del negro che chiama l’agenzia di viaggi e chiede “Volevo sapere quanto ci vuole per andare in Egitto”. L’impiegata risponde “Solo un minuto”, e lui “Grazzie, moldo gendile!”

Har du hørt den om jyden der ringede til rejsebureauet og spurgte, “Jeg vil gerne vide hvor lang tid det tager at flyve herfra og til København”. Lige et minut svarede receptionisten hvorefter jyden sagde “tak skal du have”.

Ken je die mop over die Belg die naar een reisagentschap opbelde en vroeg, “Ik wil weten hoelang het duurt om van hier naar Brussel te vliegen,”, waarop de reisagente zei, “Een minuutje,” waarna de Belg antwoordde, “Dank je en tot ziens.”?

Hang on, let’s look at the Italian again – el negro? And the Danish jyden? Okay, the Danish seems to be fine. Before I hit “delete post”, would appreciate input from Italian and Danish speakers if you’re out there?

3 Responses to “Girls with big mazongas usually can’t rhumba so well”

  1. Fluffy
    April 25th, 2004 22:18

    Meisjes met dergelijke geronde vormen, hebben doorgaans moeilijkheden met dansen.

    er basically thats
    Girls with rounder figures often have difficulties dancing.

    Although i’m rusty. What? Its been ten years since i lieved there ya know ;) ;)

  2. Daisy
    April 26th, 2004 00:26

    Thanks Fluffy, we should exchange emails in Dutch every now and again to keep from getting rusty ;-))

  3. Fluffy
    April 26th, 2004 23:46

    you speak dutch girl ?????
    since when ??????

    *is very confused*

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