Silly Tuesday

Oh you’ll love this one, it’s a cracker:


4 Responses to “Silly Tuesday”

  1. croila
    April 27th, 2004 13:48

    I DO love that one! Thing is, someone sent it to me in an e-mail a couple of days ago. I forwarded it on to another friend, and he just DID NOT GET IT. I ended up getting called lame, but nope, I still think it’s wonderful! But then again, one of my favourite jokes is “Q: What’s brown and sticky?” A: A stick”, so maybe my sense of humour isn’t as highly developed as some!

  2. briger-oo
    April 27th, 2004 14:17


    oh daisy. but thats just ‘nonsense’.


  3. Ian
    April 27th, 2004 18:45


  4. Karan
    April 28th, 2004 00:08

    I thought y’all called those things biscuits.

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