Pass the pegs please

The dogs got into the garage last night and devoured a bucket of groundbait. I’ve spent much of the day with a hosepipe and brush clearing up the resulting diarrhea. And trying to make sure they don’t walk through it and bring it into the house. Eeeeuuww.

Aren’t you glad I can’t find the digital camera?

9 Responses to “Pass the pegs please”

  1. fluffy
    May 11th, 2004 18:50


  2. zed
    May 11th, 2004 18:57


  3. razorhead
    May 11th, 2004 19:44

    dogs are so disgusting.

  4. Adrian
    May 11th, 2004 20:07

    This is why I have a pet tree.

  5. Daisy
    May 11th, 2004 22:42

    A pet tree? So if we were playing the pet equivalent of rock, paper, scissors, would my dog be able to pee on your tree? ;-0))

  6. pam
    May 11th, 2004 23:39

    Dogs are gross. I have no idea why I own two. Maybe because they’re so cute. Plus they lurve me, oh well.

  7. Daisy
    May 12th, 2004 00:10

    *grin* at Pam.

  8. Rose
    May 12th, 2004 21:35

    Yes :S

  9. Ulterior
    May 11th, 2004 19:50

    Super pooper

    Daisy’s doggies have munched their way through a bucket of ground bait and have been a little off colour. My childhood dog was a very daft boxer who one day ate a ball of string. This came undone inside her…

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