Getting back in the da swing

No more posts tonight, I’ve not had much time to go bloghopping this past week so I’m coming over to your place for a visit.

Hang on, I’ll keep this post open and add updates when I come across anything that’ll tickle your fancy. So to speak.

“gmail! gmail! my kingdom for a gmail account!” With apologies to the bard. One of the few things I miss about not being with blogger anymore is that I missed the chance to get a gmail account. Dammit. If anyone has one spare that they don’t know what to do with (yeah right) then I’m your man. I mean woman. [Via Flip [who has a great blog but it’s so not work safe!]

Zeno sums up American sports:

As for the games themselves? Well Baseball is cricket without tea (and cricket is the most boring game EVER devised); Football has nothing to do with feet and has everything to do with war games, Basketball is a girls game and Ice Hockey is legalised gang-fighting on ice.

Huwge has a very thoughtful piece on Michael Moore (entry dated May 24, 2004)

6 Responses to “Getting back in the da swing”

  1. Fluffy
    May 24th, 2004 21:50

    I’ll put the kettle on love.

  2. Daisy
    May 24th, 2004 22:05

    Thank you sweetie, any digestives left in the tin?

  3. Croila
    May 25th, 2004 15:27

    Daisy, you seem to have HEAPS of time for blog-hopping! I’ve got a day off work today, ahem, well, more like a “mental health day” if you see what I mean, and this is the only chance I’ve had for ages to catch up. Been looking forward to it for days! ;-)

  4. Rose
    May 25th, 2004 18:15

    Basketball is a girls game?! >:*

  5. Daisy
    May 26th, 2004 13:33

    I’ll be round as soon as I can fluffs.
    Croila – life as an insomniac does have its benefits, plenty of time for bloghopping being one of them ;-)
    Rose – I think he was being naughty and likening it to the game of netball, played here in the UK mostly by us girlies. When we’re not playing rugby of course. Heh.

  6. Rose
    May 26th, 2004 14:24

    It’s a lot like volleyball, it seems.

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