Can’t believe I forgot to mention Wales beating the Barbarians 42-0.

That’s a big fat 42 and a pffting, non-existant 0. Yessirreee!

9 Responses to “42-0”

  1. Dragon
    May 28th, 2004 11:54

    Yup, a fantastic result.

  2. briggy
    May 28th, 2004 14:34

    well done wales.

    just wait til the scots get ya….

    .o0(dream on!)

  3. Dragon
    May 28th, 2004 17:13

    Would this be the same Scots that lost 40-33 to the Barbarians?

    You know, the Barbarians who lost 42-NIL to Wales.

    Shall we see that again? 40-33!

    And the slow motion replay..?

    Forty – Thirty-three.

    Come on then if you think you’re hard enough!


  4. Em
    May 28th, 2004 18:35

    Now, now, boys. Let’s play nicely.

    We all have to save our energy to allow us to enjoy the “tragedy” in Portugal next month, don’t we?

    Is anyone running a book on which nation will be accused of cheating England out of their deserved tournament win?

  5. anan
    May 29th, 2004 02:43

    It doesn’t count if the other team was sleeping at the time.

  6. Dragon
    May 29th, 2004 12:24

    Em – It’ll be those dirty cheating Russian bastiches that cheated us out of our rightful ticket to Portugal!

  7. briggy
    May 30th, 2004 15:06


    in the absence of any celtic input i shall be supporting the english.

    stone me now.

    or maybe daisy will stone me anyway for italicising her comments again.

    i didn’t like the sound of those barbarians anyway dragon. they sounded rough.

  8. Daisy
    May 31st, 2004 19:08

    Is it you italicising the comments briggy?

    No more comments from me on the Barbarians tour – I already need blood pressure pills after listening to the feckawful fawning, England-can-do-no-wrong-even-when-they-fecking-lose commentary on Sky. Bah.

  9. briggy
    June 1st, 2004 10:41

    yes. sorry!

    *hangs his head in shame*

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