Oh the shame…

11:00 Friday morning: total loss of internet connection. Try all the usual tricks, nothing gives, panic run to office to up/download files to Japan.

16:00 Saturday afternoon: Chris the computer man arrives, runs extenstive diagnostic tests on router, phone line, etc.

16:18 Saturday afternoon: Chris the computer man discovers that phone line has been pulled out of socket (can I blame the dogs?).

16:19 Saturday afternoon: Normal service is resumed. Too embarrassed to go online, settle down with a pot of tea and a film instead.

05:30 Sunday morning: Up to make flask of coffee for beloved one who’s been invited to fish the River Test. Beloved one is like a dog with two tails. Can barely contain his excitement. Fresh grilled trout for supper methinks.

06:30 Remember that we now have internet connection!

It has surprised (and reassured) me how easy it is to get out of the habit of being constantly online. This is a Very Good Thing.

9 Responses to “Oh the shame…”

  1. brigs
    May 30th, 2004 15:09

    hehehehehehehe. u make me feel all…. i dunno… competent?



    welcome back too daisy :-)

  2. Karan
    May 30th, 2004 21:35

    There’s a technician’s story in this…look for it soon at http://www.SeenItAll.com

  3. anan
    May 30th, 2004 23:58

    In my experience, dogs can be blamed for almost anything. If they didn’t actually do it, they were probably thinking about doing it anyway.

  4. croila
    May 31st, 2004 11:58

    That’s absolutely terrible! You’re blaming it on the DOG???! ;-)

  5. croila
    May 31st, 2004 11:58

    A lot of things get blamed on dogs but I’ve never heard of THIS particular one! ;-)

  6. annipink
    May 31st, 2004 13:08

    Ermmmmmm. I can understand you blaming the dogs for pulling out the connection. But how can you blame the dogs for, er, how can I put this diplomatically, not actually CHECKING the connection yourself?

    Just a thought (runs away and hides now).

  7. anan
    May 31st, 2004 15:49

    well, er, the answer is relatively simple. They probably kicked out the cord, then created a spectacular distraction to keep Daisy from checking. Go check. I bet they’re hissing with laughter behind the couch right now, whispering, Canines 1, Humanoids zip.

  8. Daisy
    May 31st, 2004 19:14

    Ha, ha, ha – I should take a picture. It *could* have been the dogs but *might* have been a careless swipe with the hoover. But since I hoover so rarely in the office, my vote’s on the dogs. Both of ’em. And yes, I bet they are laughing up their doggy sleeves at me.

  9. Cindy
    May 31st, 2004 23:14

    Your story reminded me of a former boss who used to blame *ME* each time HE accidentally kicked the plug for his computer out of the wall socket.

    And hey, it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. After all, it’s not like you spilled tea on your laptop and caused some $2k worth of irreparable damage.


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