And finally

Last post of the day. Honest.

Mr & Mrs Wheatley do it again: Snailhausen. Anyone want to start up a campaign, Free The Snailhausen Two?

Now then, the rest of this is a Late Night Daisy post, not suitable for those aged 12 years and under. Not Work Safe items are marked as such.

Betty, that means YOU, honey ;-0)

Quote of the day:

Ed is packing Tom’s sausages and it’s going to cost Tom in overtime.

Source: The Archers newsletter from the BBC, 25 June 2004

Did you know I had an evil twin sister? Try it yourself. [Via NOT WORK SAFE Flip.]

If you go here, you will never look at your vacuum cleaner in the same light again.

Dog toy or marital aid? You decide. [Via Zoe.]

And that’s it for tonight my lovelies, be good. And if you can’t be good, be careful.

4 Responses to “And finally”

  1. Nagl
    June 26th, 2004 09:39

    “Dog or marital aid?”

    Missing the word ‘toy’ there just sent my mind into Irvine-Welshesque visions of gawdknowswhat.

    Still, sausage-packing is a cracking euphemism…

  2. Daisy
    June 26th, 2004 10:14

    *blush* you’re right nagl, thank you. Will update immediately.

    To those reading this later, the last link used to say:
    Dog or marital aid?
    but now reads
    Dog toy or marial aid?


  3. Rose
    June 27th, 2004 14:21

    Not more block structure porn!!

  4. Em
    June 29th, 2004 20:03

    I wouldn’t bother with those vacuua, Dais’. They’re rubbish getting pet hair off the bed covers.

    Ah. Wait. That’s sounds far worse than it was meant to.

    I’ll get me coat.

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