Online map/route/itinerary tools?

e over at Purple Pen has a question:

Picking your collective brains

Does anyone know of any online tool that enables you to plan your itinerary on a map, approved so that I could report in periodically and display our whereabouts? I have in mind a map of the States, dosage with a line or a series of little markers showing our route. Does such a thing exist?

I just know that one of you lot will have the answer, stuff could you let e know so that our withdrawal symptoms can be lessened while waiting for her to get back to Blighty? Ta muchly.

Update:anan has found a great site, MyTripJournal.com. Makes me want to pack a bag already.

If I could wave a magic wand and send you anywhere in the world this afternoon for a 5 day trip, where would that be?

18 Responses to “Online map/route/itinerary tools?”

  1. anan
    June 29th, 2004 11:25

    Maybe this will help?

  2. anan
    June 29th, 2004 11:59

    Your kitchen, of course. I take mine with just a little milk, thank you.

    Afterwards, we can sneak out with that stick of yours and go back to my place for the scones.

  3. Croila
    June 29th, 2004 12:13

    Iceland, Greenland, Canada, a quick hop over to the Grand Canyon, teleport down and do the Inca Trail, nip down to NZ to have a wee look around, hop over to inspect the Great Wall of China, have a wee rest on top of Mount Fuji, wander leisurely back to Europe, go for a cruise round the Norweigian Fjords, rush down to Italy and re-visit Rome, Florence and Venice, take time out to go to Naples, then come and join your kitchen party just in time for tea and scones!

    Phew. I’m knackered just THINKING about it! :-D

  4. Huwge
    June 29th, 2004 13:05

    Dear Fairy Daisy,
    Please send me to Point Reyes , it’s a bit early for whale watching but it’s a great place to commune with nature. A few days there and then down to San Francisco for the weekend. Ta muchly!

  5. jo
    June 29th, 2004 14:09

    Since you can wave your wand to transport me and no evil airplanes, delays, traffic, queues and body cavity searches are required I think I would like to go to either New Zealand or Thailand please with perhaps a nip by Morocco on the way by.

  6. Stuart
    June 29th, 2004 14:26

    New York, please!

  7. Sallie
    June 29th, 2004 14:41

    Ahhh send me to Captiva Island FL and then a quick jaunt over to Charleston SC would be nice…. I would love to see the ocean and visit my friends{been awhile}. Helpful info here BTW: Tanks!

  8. Morgan
    June 29th, 2004 17:47

    Unfortunately for Stuart, I’m in New York at the moment!

    I’m sitting in an internet cafe near Times Square, checking the football scores!

    Never mind 5 days, I am here for two weeks!

    Oh happy days.

  9. Katherine
    June 29th, 2004 19:10

    Stromness, Orkney. I haven’t been back since 2000 and I miss it very much.

  10. Fi
    June 30th, 2004 03:04

    Mmmm! Travel!!

    San Francisco/Chicago/New York.

    With a very very large sum of money to spend.

  11. diamond geezer
    June 30th, 2004 12:11

    I hope I’m not being fussy or anything but I think I’d fancy 5 different places for a day each. Iceland, New York, Sydney Berlin and London would do nicely.

  12. Anna
    June 30th, 2004 13:59

    Ooh, Japan! Tokyo, down the Izu peninsula, and up to Hokkaido for a while…

    …only five days, though? Hm. Maybe Cornwall then.

  13. Stuart
    June 30th, 2004 14:42

    Morgan…that would be EasyEverything then?

    A few doors down from the New Amsterdam Theatre?

  14. Daisy
    June 30th, 2004 15:30

    *runs round the house cleaning frantically*

    Come on in anan, let me take your coat. No, don’t mind the dogs, he won’t bite- oh, sorry, did he nip you? Frodo, go to your bed. Now. Right then, tea with a dash? Same as me. We’ve just blended some Ceylon and Red Label, I’ll just warm the pot. And I’ve got some flapjacks just browning… oh dear, they seem to have burned. Can I tempt you to a piece? Oh, you could smell them at the airport? Okay, well I’ve some Bahlsen Deloba biscuits in the cupboard. That noise? Oh don’t mind the sheep, they’ll wander off to graze elsewhere by the end of the week. So how was your flight?

  15. Daisy
    June 30th, 2004 16:31

    I shouldn’t have asked the question, your wonderful suggestions are starting a severe case of itchy feet but with a new car, desperately needed new kitchen sink and worktops, I think we’ll be lucky to get a weekend’s camping in Bognor this year.

  16. Karan
    June 30th, 2004 16:31

    Washington state is pretty nice….visit the San Juan Islands … Orcas Island in particular….rent a cabin, hike around, go fishing, watch whales, enjoy the scenery.

  17. anan
    June 30th, 2004 17:37

    oh, thanks lovie, no need to clean (if you saw my living room you’d understand)… you have tea with NAMES? We just get the generic no-name extra-strong black and cut it with a fork and knife. Lovely, thank you. Dizzy, get cher cold nose off me behind please! (dog sluffs off, wheezing hysterical giggles)Oooooo, bisquits. We call them bird’s nest cookies around these parts but i’m sure they’re equally fattening. Now. What was it you were saying, dear?

  18. e
    June 30th, 2004 18:11

    Thank you my dear Daisy. All your help very much appreciated.

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