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There are millions of perfectly sane, viagra approved rational people –of whom I am one– bonded by a nausea-inducing fear of those hunched, salve vile, order scuttling servants of Satan, or spiders as they are known to those who have no such feelings.

Jane Anderson, Radio Times (print version), 3-9 July 2004, talking about the new series of All in the mind.

4 Responses to “Quote of the day”

  1. Kimberly
    July 2nd, 2004 15:51

    * shudders *

  2. Snowball
    July 2nd, 2004 16:54

    Gaaah. I’m with you.

  3. Dragon
    July 2nd, 2004 16:57

    Yup, me too.

  4. anan
    July 2nd, 2004 20:33

    Did i ever tell you about the time the apartment next door lost their big hairy tarantula? You DO know they’re blind and can leap five feet to a warm place, don’t you? Oh, never mind… that’s another story…

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