Sand castles

Just received from non blogging Jane – the best sand castles in the world. Probably.

Six young women lying on a beach in bikinis, one of them is made entirely from sand.

Trick effect in the sand - it appears at first as if one man is buried in the sand with his head under his arm but it's really two men.

Woman's body made out of sand.

Two cleverly made figures, one woman, one skeleton, made out of sand.

Man's head sitting on top of large body made from sand.

Sculpture of hand squashing man's face into sand.

There are six more pictures in this set, which are a little bit rude (but not that rude), email me if you’d like to receive them. Under the counter. In a brown paper bag. Heh.

8 Responses to “Sand castles”

  1. Rose
    July 20th, 2004 05:31

    lol I liked the first one especially.

  2. fluffy
    July 20th, 2004 10:49

    blimey did someone drown in sand in the middle? its a snuff pic! daisy really!

  3. pam
    July 20th, 2004 17:43

    Loved the snuff pic the best. Must get my nephews to try this one next week at the beach.

  4. Uptown Girl
    July 20th, 2004 18:34

    these are great pics. I like the second one best

  5. AGK
    July 20th, 2004 19:25

    Those are soooo cool! I can build a, ummm…square.

  6. Amber
    July 20th, 2004 20:27

    Mail then to me girl!!

  7. Olympia
    July 21st, 2004 01:10

    I don’t know how they did it, but hand-in-head sandcastle just got sent to everyone I know.
    What a wonderful picture!

  8. Amber
    July 22nd, 2004 00:49

    oh dear! I did ask for them though, didn’t I!!!

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