Be still my beating heart

The All Blacks. On a wet beach. Doing the Haka.

Sweet dreams.

Thanks to Little Bits for this – it’s not a direct link, but if you scroll down or search for haka you’ll find ’em. You’re especially looking for

EXCLUSIVE: Watch the All Blacks perform the haka on Auckland’s Kare Kare Beach for their 2004 poster.


p.s. Best wishes to Jonah Lomu, in recovery following his kidney transplant.

p.p.s. Shame the England team don’t have a similar pre match tactic. How about morris dancing with attitude?

4 Responses to “Be still my beating heart”

  1. girl
    July 30th, 2004 04:19

    Goodness. I can’t see it; I’m assuming that’s because it’s mid-day in NZ. I will have to try again once all those kiwis go to bed for the night…

  2. Fi
    July 30th, 2004 06:37

    I may be ever so slightly biased when I say this, but…

    The AllBlacks are the hottest looking rugby team in the WORLD!

  3. Morgan
    July 30th, 2004 11:06

    Are you suggesting that one can Morris Dance without an attitude?

    “Jenkins, you have a poor attitude. You were Morris Dancing in geography class again.”

  4. AGK
    July 30th, 2004 14:22

    Hey Daisy – popping in to tell you…the hair is done! You’ll have to come see ;)

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