Ah a nice silly one today:

Blog Babies: If your blog mated with another blog, what would the baby’s name be? For example, if Cup of Chicha married A Whole Lotta Nothing, the blogbaby might be “A Whole Cup of Nothing”. Can you think of others?

A simple yet unadorned Daisy
And then there was Daisy
Lazy Daisy
Squoogy fishbucket
Out of kiwifruit
Anything but broccoli and bechemal

How about you?

4 Responses to “Blogliners”

  1. briggy
    August 20th, 2004 16:17

    surely better than Chasing Horn!

  2. Cancergiggles
    August 23rd, 2004 08:26

    Somehow Chasing Cancer doesn’t seem like a vote winner!

  3. ellie
    August 25th, 2004 00:10

    How about:

    this is my body, this is my daisy

    Sounds a little kinky, huh. Like, hey, wanna see my daisy? heh heh

  4. Amber
    August 25th, 2004 00:47

    Fast Eddie’s Daisy…

    I tried it with Amber Bamber Daisy first but it just fell flat. hmmmm daisy baisy boo? ah there, that’s better!

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