Targetted marketing

Lots of links to get through today so how about I match them up with you lot?

Sears catalog(ue) 1978 for Karan [who has a great link to two very different performances by the Umbilical Brothers]

Ascii Spiderman movies for Billy and Huwge (who’s taking some wonderful shots with his new camera)

This, this, this and this one for e

Puzzled sheep for Jo and the Paparazzi Snapper Game for um, anybody who likes silly games on a Friday afternoon.

Tube track via Miles Mendoza

… is an invaluable free download for commuters. Once installed, it sits on your desktop, and updates its own dot matrix indicator with details of the next three trains to arrive at your chosen station on the National Rail network, London Docklands Light Railway, Dublin DART and the Bakerloo line on the tube.

And some interesting blogs discovered here, there and everywhere:

always curious [wonderful photography blog]
zone out [another south Walian!]
beautiful vacuum

4 Responses to “Targetted marketing”

  1. jo
    August 20th, 2004 16:20

    I had quite a time trying to play that one. Thanks!

  2. Karan
    August 21st, 2004 20:29

    Hey…I had stuff just like Sears was selling in 1978. I was so damn cool!

  3. e
    August 27th, 2004 20:37

    Isn’t it marvellous, the way this life works? We were on the verge of going to visit a litter of 3 week old Bernese puppies, when a chance trip to the RSPCA turned up a lovely golden Labrador needing a home. We’ve decided to adopt the Lab, and have cancelled the trip to the Bernese MD breeder. *slight sniff* Maybe next time…

  4. e
    August 27th, 2004 20:37

    PS: Thank you very much for those links. drool drool…

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