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It’s one of life’s great mysteries: why isn’t London Mark better known?

Ariste once had a dog, and it had died. Although that is the way of things, and although there are many people who have had dogs, and many dogs have died, there was a man named Ariste who had a dog, and it had died. Zou had not been an especially good dog nor had it been an especially bad one, but Ariste had loved it with all the force of a man who had little else to love.

Go read, enjoy and spread the word.


That old reprobate and others have started up Geronimo Joe’s “rancho relaxo”. A collection of short stories, essays, serials and poetry submitted by fellow bloggers.

WAY back when the days were long and there was lots of wranglin’ to be done I had nary a thought about words, except those ones which just appeared in my head out of nowhere and scared the sweat out of me. After I had hung up my lasso for the last time I had more time to relax and let those words become something more palpable. I had a notion, I wanted to have a place where I could go to read things by other people and publish some of my own thoughts. I wanted to build a quiet and safe place where people could come and exercise their art, knowing that it was all about building and growing. Where there could be feedback and encouragement and where, above all else, we could all strive for excellence. I found some like minded people and we set to building this place. We got in touch with other writers and we have pulled together a few items for you to, hopefully, take pleasure in.

One Response to “Spotlight update – fine writing”

  1. jo
    August 21st, 2004 21:59

    You so knew that dog story would kill me….of course he’s now on the list.

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