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Fun With FireFox

If Firefox is your browser of choice, then I have a fun little trick for you. Are there a lot of blogs or other sites you read on a daily basis? Open them all in one window, one per tab. Then go to Bookmarks, Bookmark This Page. Check the little checkbox that says Bookmark all tabs in this folder. Then click OK. All the sites you had in that window will be bookmarked in a new folder (you can rename it later), so you don’t need to make a folder first. Just a fun little trick I discovered the other day. It makes reading a bunch of sites daily MUCH easier, if you’re lazy.
UPDATE: I forgot the really cool part, sorry. IF you go into that folder that was just created in your bookmarks there will be a thing at the bottom that says Open in Tabs. That will open all the bookmarked sites in that folder, one per tab, in the same window.

Neerav Bhatt’s Make WordPress ‘More’ Links Accessible

O’Reilly RepKover binding

The Weakest Link audition

Another guy announces that he’s got the winning numbers for tonight’s $280 million Powerball drawing. His name is Seven. Nobody snickers, even though there must be plenty of Trekkies in there who know that Seven is a girl’s name.

No more bloghopping and posts for another couple of days I’m afraid – my mother in law has not been very well lately so we’re going back up tomorrow to spend some time with her. Physically she’s losing the use of her legs, it now needs two carers to take her to the bathroom but she’s also getting very confused, not recognising a family member who visited her last week. I do hope that this is a temporary state caused by a change in medication because I’d hate not being able to take her out for lunch, shopping, etc. It’s difficult enough to take her to the toilet now, partly because of the crap awful facilities available for wheelchair users in most high streets of the UK but also because she’s quite heavy and her legs can give way in a split second. Anyway, I’ve got a box of her favourite chocolates (Maltesers white chocolate and yes, they’re as disgusting as they sound) and will be keeping my fingers crossed that she recognises Martyn.

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