Blogging for backache sufferers

I’m having my annual bout of backache agony but unlike other times, I can’t sit for longer than a few minutes in this computer chair. I owe quite a few email replies (coming soon!) and I’m keen to know what you’ve all been posting but bloghopping is going to have to wait a wee while – I’m off to have another hot bath.

29 Responses to “Blogging for backache sufferers”

  1. meesh
    October 20th, 2004 18:30

    think back pain must be catching. a hot wheat bag and some stretches always sorts me out. just lurve that popping spine sound!

  2. anni
    October 20th, 2004 18:34

    It could be worse – you could be sitting on a bedside table since all the chairs in the house are decidedly unsafe! My neck is killing me!

  3. Em
    October 20th, 2004 19:21

    Yes, there must a lot of it going around. I’d try a hot bath but I’m worried I’d not be able to get out again!

  4. Amber
    October 20th, 2004 22:50

    Oh poor you!! Hugs and a virtual cup of tea (flavour of the moment… Vanilla and almond…mmmm)

  5. Karan
    October 21st, 2004 01:12

    Drugs. I recommend drugs. Lots of ’em. Yup, drugs will do the trick. Drugs.

  6. Uptown Girl
    October 21st, 2004 01:44

    I hope you feel better soon

  7. zeno
    October 21st, 2004 07:50

    Aw pet… you deserve a good massage.

  8. Kirsi
    October 21st, 2004 08:11

    Oh no! I hope you feel better soon! *HUGS*

  9. Anji
    October 21st, 2004 14:06

    I know the feeling, hope you feel better soon.

  10. Karen
    October 21st, 2004 14:17

    I’m sorry you’re hurting so bad! I hope you get feeling better soon!

  11. Shelagh
    October 21st, 2004 16:40

    I went to an osteopath last week – bliss! I was a bit sore for a couple of days but my back is much freer as a result.

  12. ellie
    October 21st, 2004 18:20

    Somebody needs a massage. C’mere, kiddo. It’s on the house.

    Plus I have leftover Vicodin in the cabinet.


  13. em
    October 21st, 2004 18:44

    i had one of those Tues night–took a muscle relaxant and it’s alllll gone. ok, i took 2. plus 3/4 beers. but the back is fine now! Karan is right–drugs!

  14. Katherine
    October 21st, 2004 19:50

    Ooh, hope it eases off. I have a wonderful contraption that I got from Tchibo (unfortunately things are only available for a limited time from them), it’s basically a mini-electric blanket that fits round your back and neck, it is fantastic and if you can find one I recommend it.

  15. Fi
    October 22nd, 2004 01:20

    Yeouch! Sympathy, Daisy. Getcha self some painkillers and don’t worry ’bout us, we’ll still be here waiting for you :)

  16. anan
    October 22nd, 2004 03:06

    Two words: Nucca practitioner. I used to work for one, and he fixed a back injury i’d been limping along on for 14 years with the push of a finger. Nuccas can work instant, permanent and painless change in about 2 seconds. I’ll see if i can find one near you, and email you privately ins.

    Till then… hot and cold compresses and sleep on your back with your knees up. That’s an order, missy.

  17. anan
    October 22nd, 2004 03:06

    … or i’ll be over with one of my home remedies!!!

  18. flaming zinc
    October 22nd, 2004 04:30

    I’ll throw in my two penenth, have you tried a chiropractor? Ours is genuis, she combines gentle holistic treatment of adjustments and manipulation. She has a colleague on your side of the pond….in the capital no less….

  19. Rockchild
    October 22nd, 2004 05:57

    Hi Daisy!

    I found your blog through my frinds blog “Fast Eddies Bullet”.

    I hope your back gets better soon! My mom use to have back problems too, so she stopped wearing good bras so her back wouldn’t hurt anymore, then her boobies got longer and longer until it made her look preganet, but she got a crane job last week at the hospital to pull them back up and her boobies stopped hurting now so I don’t have to change my baby sister anymore, because she stinks!

    I hope you have a nice weekend, Daisy, and get well soon!

  20. Croila
    October 22nd, 2004 10:10

    Och that’s a wee shame! Backpain is a horrible thing to deal with. Here’s hoping it gets better soon :-/

  21. e
    October 22nd, 2004 10:49

    Poor Daisy, hope you’re feeling better soon.

  22. the manly smell
    October 22nd, 2004 16:15

    Not so good Coco.

    I have no medical advice so I will attempt to cure you with the power of my mind.

    If you get better in the next 30 minutes, I take the credit.

    BTW, great work by Rockchild above – most random comment ever. Sharing too much perhaps?

  23. Birdy
    October 22nd, 2004 16:25

    Ow ow ow ow ow.

    Distraction in the form of chocolate is good?

  24. Amber
    October 22nd, 2004 16:34

    hehehe… I’m glad Rockchild found you! He’s a very fun read!

  25. Katherine
    October 22nd, 2004 17:26

    Rockchild – I’m pretty sure wearing a good bra helps backache! Hope your mum recovers soon.

  26. Em
    October 22nd, 2004 20:27

    Wearing a good bra’s not helped me.

  27. Em
    October 22nd, 2004 20:30

    BTW is it me or is there more than a little Quickos in Rockchild?

  28. Sallie
    October 23rd, 2004 20:53

    Hope you feel better soon! The weather here has been messing my head up. I can relate to your pain. A cold compress on my presure points sometimes helps.

  29. Daisy
    October 23rd, 2004 23:33

    Do you all mind? Laughing is NOT GOOD for a bad back and I’m about to have a relapse :-0))

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