Undecided which way to vote?

Go immediately to this BBC website and watch Greg Palast’s video (top right hand column) on the despicable actions being taken by the Republican party in Florida.

4 Responses to “Undecided which way to vote?”

  1. meesh
    October 27th, 2004 20:43

    I’m amazed that they are trying this again!
    What I don’t understand is the weighting to votes to each state. Why do some states have a weight of 27 whilst others have 4?
    All this was exposed in Michael Moore’s “Stupid White Men”.

  2. Chloe
    October 28th, 2004 16:14

    I didn’t know they tried this before… But then I only watched Michael Moore’s “Farenheit 911” and “Bowling for Columbine” for the very first time a few weeks ago.
    I wouldn’t even begin to attempt to explain the logic of the electoral college system.

  3. meesh
    October 28th, 2004 17:08

    florida did this sneaky thing of reducing the number of folks allowed to vote by removing all names that were ‘similar’ to convicted felons who were not allowed to vote. then removing some who were related. various tactics were used to remove a whole chunk of society – amazing that majority were african-american most likely to vote anti-bush! not cynical me… nooooo

  4. anan
    October 28th, 2004 17:27

    oh well, who needs democracy anyway? It’s just voting in an upper class anywayzzzzzz…..

    **ducks and flees for cover**

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