Another film meme

How about listing the top ten films you’ve never seen and have no intention of seeing?

  1. Star Wars. I know, I’m a freak.
  2. James Bond movies. Ditto.
  3. LOTR. I’ve tried, really. It’s on often enough in this house but the sofa is so comfortable for taking a quick little nap… I did enjoy the dvd documentary about Andy Serkis playing Gollum though.
  4. Ringu. I saw the US remake a while back and it left me a little disturbed so when I read that the JP orignal was on the other week I switched on. Oh dear. Stuff of nightmares.
  5. Pirates of the Caribbean. I just don’t get it.
  6. Mr Deeds. I’ve seen the reviews.
  7. Any Charlie Chaplin movie.
  8. The Godfather.
  9. 2001: A Space Odyssey. One day someone will find a long lost letter of Stanley Kubrik’s and the words “emperor” and “new clothes” will feature prominently.
  10. NEW: Forrest Gump. One of the worst films I’ve ever seen.
  11. NEW: About Schmidt.

No longer in the list:

  1. The Exorcist. Hmm. This was released in the UK when I was about 12/13 and we were strictly forbidden from seeing it. Ever. Stories ran like wildfire around the school that so and so’s sister’s best friend’s neighbour’s son had seen the film, gone straight to the top of the multi-story car park in Cardiff and thrown himself off. (Don’t underestimate the power of the Catholic taffia in a small Welsh town.) I saw a clip of this at the weekend and wondered if I’d be able to see it now that I’m a woman of more mature years. Allegedly. Update: Martyn has seen it, laughed out loud and confirmed that I should definitely not watch it. Ever.
    Update 2: Dragon has changed my mind, I might watch it one day.

So it’s over to you – a list of films you’ve never seen/never want to see/never likely to see please!

28 Responses to “Another film meme”

  1. Dragon
    November 29th, 2004 16:44

    Not seen The Godfather? Now that’s a crime. The rest I can forgive (well, almost – some Charlie Chaplin is fantastic. “The Great Dictator” for a start).

    As for my 10 never/won’t films (which is quite hard because I will watch just about anything…)

    1. Grease
    2. The Sound of Music
    3. The Devil’s Own
    4. Spiceworld: the movie
    5. Beauty & The Beast
    6. Gigli
    7. Swept Away
    8. Urm…
    9. Errr…
    10. Hmmmm…

    Those are 7 that I will actively avoid. I can’t think of another 3 that I haven’t seen and would actively avoid. I can think of a lot of films I have seen that I would rather poke my eyes out than see again though.

  2. Daisy
    November 29th, 2004 16:49

    Grease and The Sound of Music??? You’re a brave man posting that here ;-0))

    I think I agree with the others though. Gigli is the j-lo/affleck movie that bombed? Damn, will have to go google the rest tonight.

  3. anan
    November 29th, 2004 17:03

    … is that Dragon, risen from the dead? i thought he’d been swallowed by his x-box!

    Daisy, i don’t watch movies anymore because they all seem kind of pointless. Maybe it’s all that aht training, but i usually spend my time wondering why they editted the film the way they did etc.

    As a result, the list you mention could be from here to next Friday, but the top ten could be:

    anything Disney
    any horror films
    anything with comic book heroes
    remakes of books i love
    nationalistic war films
    x-rated films (yawn)
    movies with unnatural whippet women
    movies with overbuilt spermheads
    oh, you get the idea…

    i did like Brother Sun, Sister Moon, tho. And Ghandi…

    *ducks and runs for cover*

  4. pam
    November 29th, 2004 17:41

    Hmm! Good meme, but I’d have better luck listing 10 movies I wish I could burn out of my memory!

  5. billy
    November 29th, 2004 18:18

    …I was just about with you all the way – and deffo agreeing with number 10 – but the godfather is in my *ten greatest philums of all time* so…thththththt :^P…

  6. Kirsi
    November 29th, 2004 18:49

    No comment on the LOTR part of your post… ;) But The Exorcist really, really scares me!

  7. Ruth
    November 29th, 2004 19:09

    Totally agree about The Godfather (watched it for the first time this month – don’t know why I bothered!) and also LOTR – I own the DVD and haven’t got past the first 20 minutes – dull, dull, dull… But I’m aghast about the Pirates of the Carribean. It’s a fabulously good film – just really entertaining. Now to have a go at my top ten..
    1. LOTR (OK it’s copying but…)
    2. Finding Nemo
    3. The Terminator
    4. Troy (couldn’t even bear to watch the French and Saunders take-off)
    5. The Ladykillers (new version – why!?)
    6. Van Helsing
    7. Gothika
    8. Scooby Doo 1, 2 or any
    9. Garfield The Movie (I’d hate to be put off the comic strip)
    10. Stepford Wives (found the first version too scary!)

  8. Huwge
    November 29th, 2004 19:10

    Do not see the Exorcist and that’s not just because of the Mike Oldfield soundtrack.

    Otherwise, I’ll watch anything me (easiuly bored, insomniac – may not watch ’til the end but will probably give it a go). As long as it’s not hardcore horror.

    BTW – when I first read that post I thought you said you wouldn’t watch Pingu, which would be a travesty.

  9. joanne
    November 29th, 2004 20:21

    I don’t get why people are so afraid of the Exorcist. OK, it is creepy in parts, but when she starts spewing the pea-stuff, how can anyone not find that hilarious? It’s just so, so bad!

  10. Fi
    November 30th, 2004 00:42

    1) Dude who stole my car (dude, who cares?)
    2) Aracnophobia
    3) Any Cheech & Chong film
    4) Robocop
    5) Police Academy 2 onwards
    6) Rambo +
    7) King Arthur (Keira Knightley as Guinevere, blah)
    8) Crossroads (starring Britney Spears? Oh no-no-no!)
    9) Gigli
    10) Blues Brothers 2000 (it is not possible to make a sequel to do the original justice)

    I didn’t get the who-ha about Pirates of the Caribbean either. I couldn’t get past Johnny Depp’s dodgy accent, and Keira Knightley makes me grit my teeth.

  11. Chloe
    November 30th, 2004 09:05

    Johnny Depp’s dodgy accent was a drunken sailor pirate thing, I think. I liked that movie.

    2001: A Space Odyssey is possibly my favourite film of all time.

    But I’ve never seen any Star Wars movies, and don’t intend to. Well, actually, my one friend who also was my hairdresser, was a big fan and once had one playing in the background while he dyed my hair the one time, but I wasn’t paying attention.

    I’ve also never seen a single episode of Gilligan’s Island nor The Brady Bunch. And have no intentions of doing so.

    As for Lord of the Rings, I saw them all… but then, I read the books when I was 12, because my sister Marie gave me the set for my birthday that year. I really enjoyed them when I was 12. I think that plays into it a lot.

    I’ve seen every single James Bond film multiple times. haha!

    I saw the Exorcist when I was but a child… And I never jumped off the top of a parking lot tower. But I also wasn’t very impressed with it as a kid. The Omen was my favourite horror movie when I was a kid.

  12. Dragon
    November 30th, 2004 13:14

    I’m going to have to get my “new” blog up and running soon because I feel a post about the virtues and vices of “The Exorcist” brewing. But in the meantime, I’ll leave you with the trivia fact that The Exorcist was nominated for 10 oscars and won 2 (Best Adapated Screenplay and Best Sound) and is the only “Horror” film to have ever been nominated for best picture.

    Unfortunately, the glut of mediocre gore fests that have been released and consumed by the public has lessened the impact of the Exorcist as people expect a scare a minute, effects filled extravaganza rather than the very intelligent, psychological thriller that it actually is.

    It probably also helps if you’ve been raised as a catholic! I still think it’s one of the scariest films I’ve ever seen.

  13. Croila
    November 30th, 2004 17:28

    The Catholic “taffia”?

    Daisy, that is pure genius – I LOVE it – must tell my father this one (he being Welsh) …

  14. Richard
    November 30th, 2004 22:19

    The bit in the Exorcist when she says, in the demon voice, “the child is mine” is pretty scary. But when she starts swearing and whatnot I felt that, as so many people now swear all the time, it seemed rather passe. Satan needs to move with the times.

    Anyway, to the list:
    1. American Pie
    2. Any sequels to American Pie.
    3. Forrest Gump
    4. U-571 (don’t get me started)
    5. King Arthur
    6. The Godfather (seen bits of it and I wasn’t impressed)
    7. There’s something about Mary.
    8. Ace Ventura.
    9. Pearl Harbour
    10. Titanic (which gets an honourable mention as I really wish I’d never seen it).

  15. Daisy
    November 30th, 2004 23:26

    “remakes of books i love” – nice one anan. It’s so rare that a film is as good as the original book. There are a few exceptions, I really liked The Shipping News and The Remains of the Day (although the book was vastly superior, they were two different “experiences”). Hey, that could be another meme! Best and worst movie adaptations. Shall I start us off with a gold star for Emma Thompson’s adaptation of Sense and Sensibility?

    Croila, I wish I’d thought of the word taffia but alas someone far wittier than I got there first :-0))

    Kirsi, sorry about the LOTR one. I’ll try and find a good link by way of apology ;-)

    Ruth, I know I’ve seen The Stepford Wives but all I can remember is that dodgy supermarket music, I can’t summon up any images at all. I believe you though, maybe I’m just “blocking” the memories…

  16. Daisy
    November 30th, 2004 23:28

    Billy, I saw the horse in the bed scene last night (that BFI tape) – eeeuww! And how did anyone act opposite Brando without laughing all the time? He’s unintelligble!

    Dragon, thank you for those points, I’m convinced and I think I’d like to see it one day. I’m guessing that it’ll never be shown on British television so maybe I’ll rent it one weekend.
    p.s. I’m looking forward to the new blog.

    Chloe, we have such opposite taste in films! At least we both love dogs :-0)

    Ah Richard, how could I have forgotten Forrest Gump? I loathed it. Have added it to the list.

    Fi, I’m with you on the dude movies (haven’t seen any of the others) but strangely enough, I quite enjoyed Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. And not because I was lusting after Mr Reeves.

  17. PB Curtis
    December 1st, 2004 00:11

    What a good idea for a list. Unfortunately, I don’t know what most of the films I never want to see are called; so I’ll offer one-line pitches, based on what I remember from the trailers.

    1. Titanic. Yay me.
    2. LOTR 2
    3. LOTR 3
    4. Kill Bill Again, or whatever the fuck the 2nd one’s called.
    5. Tom Hanks Has A Big Beard On A Desert Island
    6. Tom Cruise Is Oirish And So’s His Feckin’ Missus, Begorrah
    7. Tom Hanks Shaves His Big Beard Off In An Airport To Reveal A Stupid Accent
    8. Jeff Bridges Is In A Plane Crash! Hooray! But He Lives And Is Windswept And Intense! Boo!
    9. Hugh Grant Bumbles Foppishly

    Oh, OK, that isn’t really narrowing it down AT ALL, so:

    9. Hugh Grant Bumbles Foppishly With A Newborn Baby. Go Ahead And Laugh Just Imagining How Funny This Must Be!
    10. George Clooney PLUS Space MINUS Aliens AND MINUS LaserRayGuns EQUALS Incomprehensible Perfume Advert

    I lasted 20 minutes of LOTR 1 before falling asleep, which counts as “seen it” in my book.

  18. anan
    December 1st, 2004 01:52

    Garsh, how could i have forgotten Ace Ventura? DM went through a phase of wanting to see everything Jim Carrey ever did (i guess it’s an 8 yr. old thang)but Ace Ventura made me want to go on a search and rescue mission for every animal in that film.

    The least he could have done is buckle them all up when he took them out for a ride!

  19. Mary
    December 1st, 2004 03:28

    I was going to say, I see many, many movies and am not too particular until I read the lists and started nodding my head – Oh yeah, I wouldn’t see that either or I saw that and quit after 10 minutes. I don’t go to the movie theater, mind you as I wouldn’t pay the outrageous prices they want. I uhmmm get them and we’ll leave it at that. Horror and high male hormone films are out, tho.

  20. Gordon
    December 1st, 2004 11:51

    Hmmmmmm I’ll watch anything but from memory:

    1. Solaris – and you thought 2001 was slow!
    2. Pearl Harbour – on principle
    3. ANY Hitchcock remake – why bother?!
    4. ANY Lassie movie – I don’t like crying in public
    5. MOST Horror movies – I’ve seen The Exorcist and think it’s quite good but most of them leave me cold.
    6. Anything with Demi Moore in it.
    7. That Cruise/Kidman Oirish load of tosh.
    8. Errr

    Hmm I’m sure there are more, but not that many. I really will watch mostly anything. Cruise to Hanks to Spielberg I’ll watch em all!

  21. colskee
    December 1st, 2004 17:21

    Had a bit of a ‘trackback malfunction’ so prolly best to repost here. Heres the list:

    1) The Godfather Triology: Too long when compared to average life expectancy. (I know, should be three seperate entries etc etc )
    2) Soul Plane: Self explanatory.
    3) Apocalypse now: Will ‘full metal jacket’ suffice?
    4) Harry Potter and the (fill in Blanks): Made it halfway through the first book, a quarter through the first film :(
    5) That one with J and Ben-lo in it.
    6) Dr Doolittle (yes, the Eddie version see also ‘Daddy Daycare’ etc)
    7) Romper Stomper: Skinhead Nazis. Yawn.
    8) Any pop star spin-off vehicle (8mile *just* about made it)
    9) LOTR: see Daisy’s blog
    10) Raging Bull: Just because…

  22. zeno
    December 1st, 2004 20:34

    How can you NOT want to see James Bond? Bond is the epitome of everything I have ever tried to be (not the Roger Moore one though). One day I will be asked to take on the movie role and then you will be invited to the premiere so you will have to watch!!

  23. Chloe
    December 2nd, 2004 06:41

    I have “Natural Born Killers” on video (I got free) and I have never watched it.

    I have only ever seen 2 Jim Carrey movies, and didn’t think much of either of them. (“Once Bitten” and “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”)

    But if someone doesn’t like “2001: A Space Odyssey” because they found it “slow moving”… It could be because the person very much prefers plot-driven movies.
    I’m a fan of movies that are character-driven and I put a lot of importance on atmosphere, and social commentary. (All the better if it’s humourous.)

    For example, I really liked “The Station Agent”, and that went nowhere – I don’t even think there was a plot.
    Also, 2 of my favourite movies are “Pride & Prejudice” and “Soylent Green”. You couldn’t pick 2 movies any more superficially different from each other… But they were both heavy on atmosphere and character, and comical commentary on society.

    Also it could be that old expectations thing…
    “2001: A Space Odyssey” was not meant to be an action sci-fi thriller, even though it has some of those elements sprinkled in delicately.
    I know people who saw it on the very wide screen in its theatrical release, but sadly never had that pleasure myself – before my time. The visuals were VERY WOWing at the time. And the space scenes set to the classical music were the grabbers for many.
    For me, I was enthralled by… the mystery of space frontier depicted (the visuals), the commentary on the dangers of technological dependence (HAL’s malfunction), the presentation of the creepy yet beautiful ponderings on human life and meaning of… And I love the music. :)
    And to this day, I’m amazed at how deeply I came to care about the characters in that movie the very first time I watched it as a child, despite the fact that the dialogue is extremely limited!

    “Forrest Gump” is possibly my all-time least favourite movie. I saw it against my will years ago because of a roommate. I recently saw “Terminal”, and thought Tom Hanks played the supposedly NOT mentally challenged FOREIGNER the same as Forrest Gump. The foreigner was depicted as slow by Hanks. And this movie just irritated the hell out of me because of that, and may actually now be my least favourite movie, because at least “Forrest Gump” was supposed to be about a rather dopey guy.

    And “Apocolypse Now” is just an “update” crapped up convoluted take on the story in “Heart of Darkness”. Joseph Conrad’s story is amazing, though. But it makes more sense in its original setting… You’re much better off seeing the movie “Heart of Darkness” with John Malkovich and Tim Roth. (Probably one of the few movies you’ll see Tim Roth using something at least close to his native accent. heh.)

  24. e
    December 3rd, 2004 14:46

    1) Any really gratuitously, stomach-churningly violent film eg Reservoir Dogs, Clockwork Orange, that horrible one by Bunuel with the eye scene, The Cook The Thief etc
    2) any further epics with Tom Hanks as the only character (enough already, Tom! Find someone to play with!)
    3) Any teen flick along the lines of Dirty Dancing- about raging hormones and vacuous young people
    4) War films generally that glorify war and extreme violence
    5) Almost any science fiction- LOTR, Star Wars Odyssey 2001, in fact anything with space-ships and aliens
    6) Almost any slapstick comedy eg National Lampoon/ Benny Hill, although I do enjoy Mr Bean
    7) carry on. dated. gratuitous. unfunny. dated (again).

    Well, that’s me done, having damned about 70% of world cinema (well most American cinema anyway)

  25. Timula
    December 6th, 2004 06:52

    “Forrest Gump. One of the worst films I’ve ever seen.”

    If this is a film you’ve never seen and have no intention of seeing, then how could it be the worst film you’ve ever seen? *Confused and boggled*

  26. Daisy
    December 6th, 2004 09:16

    Ah you’re right Timula. Forrest Gump and About Schmidt should be removed from the list. Or I could move the goalposts ;-)

  27. croila
    November 30th, 2004 18:19


    Daisy is doing a film thing. Where you list the top ten films you’ve never seen and have no intention of seeing … I’ve only managed eight so far: Titanic. The music… is bloody awful is shite hurts my ears does not appeal to me. Leonard di Caprio is…

  28. Criticise.me
    December 2nd, 2004 23:34

    Another film meme

    Daisy’s suggested listing the top ten films you’ve never seen and have no intention of seeing.rnrnUsing IMDB, then, I’ve restricted myself to the first ten travesties in the “Top Movies” list:rnrn1. The Lion King (#16)rn2. E.T. the Extra…

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