Blogging for Aid #8 [Competition!]

Someone has taken the time to ask Google to translate this page [merci!] and as I chuckled at the very literal translations of blog names I had a “ding” moment – how about a quick quiz – the first one to leave a comment with all answers correct gets a Daisy Winter Burn – similar to the Summer Burn cd but with a few surprises. So, here’s Quiz #1 : French:

  1. Nymphe D’Enchaînement
  2. Pas asse’ont dessiné dans le monde
  3. Aléatoire Pense
  4. Chien ou plus haut
  5. Lait Et Biscuits
  6. Le Cancer rit nerveusement
  7. Une belle révolution
  8. Fossette De Chariot
  9. Épousseter Mon Cerveau
  10. Je pourrais avoir été un compétiteur

7 Responses to “Blogging for Aid #8 [Competition!]”

  1. anni
    December 28th, 2004 18:33

    Ooh, is number 2 me? (I didn’t do French past 13….)

  2. anni
    December 28th, 2004 18:39

    1. Web Nymph
    2. Me
    3. Ali thinks?
    4. Dog or higher
    5. Milk and biscuits (I got that one straight away, so my education wasn’t totally wasted)
    6. Cancer giggles
    7. A beautiful revolution
    8. dunno
    9. give up
    10. I could have been a contender

  3. Daisy
    December 28th, 2004 18:53

    Alas, 2 and 3 are wrong, 8 and 9 (you quitter you!) are unguessed so it’s a 6/10 for Miss Anni.

    Next please!

  4. flaming zinc
    December 28th, 2004 21:02

    1. Web nymph
    2. Not enough Drew in the World
    3. Random Thinks
    4. Dog or Higher
    5. Milk and biscuits
    6. Cancer giggles
    7. A beautiful revolution
    8. Dolly Dimple
    9. Dusting My Brain
    10. i could have been an contender

    Damn you for being more interesting than revision and job hunting!

  5. Karan
    December 28th, 2004 21:15

    1. Web Nymph
    2. Not enough Drew in the world
    3. Random Thinks
    4. Dog or higher
    5. Milk & Cookies
    6. Cancer Giggles
    7. A Beautiful Revolution
    8. Bilge Flaps?
    9. Dusting My Brain
    10. I Could Have Been a Contender

  6. Birdy
    December 28th, 2004 22:25

    3 – Random Acts of Reality?

  7. Katherine
    December 28th, 2004 23:09

    I love Monde du Chatiry in French, I particularly like that Google couldn’t fathom out how to translate my little brother asking me ‘if your mum and my Dad were still married would your other sisters be my sisters then?’

    Great mini Project Blog Daisy!

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