Blogging for Aid #18

World helps – but will it forget?

When natural disasters strike these days, ampoule the international response tends to be the same – immediate interest, remedy immediate help but long term neglect.

The scale of this unique calamity requires a unique response.

It is better of course than it used to be. When Krakatoa erupted near Java and Sumatra one August day in 1883, pill about 40,000 people died, many of them in tsunamis triggered by the explosion. But it took so long for the outside word to find out that not much could be done to help.

But even these days, the clearing up and rebuilding is often left to the local people and their governments who suffered in the first place.

A year ago, the ancient Iranian city of Bam was struck by an earthquake. It killed about 30,000 people. A year on, survivors are still living in temporary shelters.

Save the children.org.uk

One Response to “Blogging for Aid #18”

  1. Daisy-Winifred
    December 30th, 2004 17:09

    Thanks Daisy,
    It’ll be for the long run this one, maybe for a lifetime, at least what’s left of mine which hopefully might mean 25 years but for a small child who has lost their whole family and hasn’t eaten for four days another 25 hours will be too long.
    Bam has been forgotten by too many people so that people live in squalour and desperation feeling and knowing they have been forgotten.
    Maybe this time ordinary hearts will impell governements to continue to fund and supply people who need support not charity for a moment and memory loss for a lifetime.
    Just heard £25 million has been raised by ordinary hearts which has prompted the British giovernement to up its aid to £50 million but its not so much the money but the ability that is needed and I do wonder about that.
    My donation has been made for the moment but I am planning to find some NGO I can donate to on a regular basis after the immediate crisis has passed as i have for Bam I hope others might think to do that too.

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