Blog spotting

Looking for a new blog to read? A few suggestions:

De grouchy owl. This post in particular is for Huwge and Briggy:

Last week I was so bored I started pulling out things from the shelf of “crap.” Crap would be old Westerns, murder mysteries, fantasy nonsense and junks of the sort that you can read with one eye while calculating binary with the other. Hey man, at 20 rupees a pop, even Terry Brooks cannot be passed by. Makes for an hour of escapism.

Lulu’s Darjeeling in the teapot, apart from being a Paul Auster fan, she’s “pretty obsessed with guys who wear turtlenecks”. A kindred spirit then.

Two British political blogs: God save the queen and Blimpish.

I’m also going to spend some time this weekend reading The rabbit lived, Blogging in Paris and Watermelon Punch.

11 Responses to “Blog spotting”

  1. Mary
    January 7th, 2005 15:06

    De Grouchy Owl is my kind of gal. For me, I read any of Rosemunde Pilcher’s books whenever I need calming. In her books, a cup of tea solves most any problem. Thanks.

  2. Huwge
    January 7th, 2005 15:07

    Sounds like she could use some

  3. Huwge
    January 7th, 2005 15:08

    eep the link disappeared, what’s that all about?
    Bookcrossing is what should be there (http://www.bookcrossing.com/)

  4. Daisy
    January 7th, 2005 15:58

    Glad you like it Mary!

    Huwge, I just checked the code in your first comment and it was missing the second quote mark, pesky blighter, so here’s the link to bookcrossing and yes, it’s a great idea.

  5. Owl
    January 7th, 2005 16:50

    Hey! Thanks for the recommend. :) How’d you find my blog, btw? It’s a bit out of the way.

  6. Daisy
    January 7th, 2005 17:36

    I’m sorry Owl, normally I keep copious notes on where I’ve spotted things but all I have next to your link (dated last November) is “this looks good”.

  7. Daisy
    January 7th, 2005 17:46

    Hah, here’s another great line:

    “But you can’t deny that the surfaces upon which we drive aren’t ‘roads’ per se, they’re artfully joined holes, craters, ditches and caverns. It’s like driving on crocheted tar.”

  8. Katherine
    January 7th, 2005 18:45

    I LOVE chucking out Westerns at work, they are the bain of my life, and are usually covered in cack.

  9. Daisy
    January 7th, 2005 19:30

    *stunned silence*

    You chuck them OUT???

  10. anan
    January 9th, 2005 17:45

    de grouchy owl is no longer available!

  11. Daisy
    January 9th, 2005 19:32

    I just clicked and it seems okay from here anan, try hitting Ctrl and F5 at the same time (it’s a sort of “uber refresh”) and see what happens.

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