What dog are you?

Mini screenshot showing interface

Oh I know, those infuriating internet tests but this is different, honest.

Go try the Canine Algorithmic Transfer System™ (click on “game” on the left, speakers cranked up) and tell me it’s not great fun:

There’s a dog inside all of us, waiting to be let out. This game is based on a computer called SUKA built in 1975 by Russian scientist Mikhail Volkonsky and now housed in the London Science Museum.

SUKA is powered by CATS (Canine Algorithmic Transfer System™) which is able to determine what kind of dog you are. Simply answer 10 questions, being as honest and accurate as possible and CATS will calculate which breed you resemble the most.

It’s all part of the website for the film Gone to the dogs and Karan – you will love my diagnosis!

[Brazenly stolen from Pam]

Currently listing to: Jason Bradbury’s Tsunami ‘Gadget’ Song. Will Engelbert ever forgive my fickle heart?

7 Responses to “What dog are you?”

  1. karan
    January 15th, 2005 03:50

    Ha! I’ll send you Riso and see how well you get along with him. I’m a giant schnauzer!

  2. jo
    January 15th, 2005 14:06

    Oooo I’m a Basenji

  3. Pennie
    January 15th, 2005 15:32

    Cool, I’m a Swedish Vallhung. I’ve worked with dogs forever, and never heard of this breed before!

  4. felicity
    January 16th, 2005 18:27

    i’m a deerhound: “faithful and energetic although gentle at home with the family. can be a killer….so needs careful nurturing”. Yep that’s me!

  5. Daisy
    January 16th, 2005 23:03

    Karan, you can send Riso over here any time you like (but I know you won’t part with him, dammit!)

    Pennie, do you mean Swedish Vallhund, or is he one lucky dog?

  6. karan
    January 17th, 2005 21:11

    hahahahahaahahahahaha valhung v vallhung…..big laughes in Olympia!

  7. Clare
    March 30th, 2005 14:07

    I wish to find out what kind of dog I am.

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