Album of the year?

Eh, don’t I sound trendy? Watch out, I’ll be saying groovy and pants and watching the Brit Awards next.

Where was I? Oh yes, the cd I keep coming back to time and time again is Damian Rice, O.

What’s your favourite, favourite album?

5 Responses to “Album of the year?”

  1. jo
    February 10th, 2005 12:19

    Oh Daisy…such a cruel question! I shall ponder and return.

  2. Croila
    February 10th, 2005 15:40

    Oh heavens. This probably changes on an annual basis, but for a while now it’s been (don’t laugh) Donald Black’s “Close to Home”. What, never heard of it? You don’t say! ;-)


  3. Huwge
    February 10th, 2005 17:48

    Norma Waterson is getting a lot of air time chez moi, I just love her version of the Grateful Dead’s “Black Muddy River.” But Bebo & Cigala “Lagrimas Negra” is to die for – buy it immediately or I’ll post a picture of my finger (stitches, blood and all!) ;-)

  4. Em
    February 10th, 2005 23:09

    At the moment I’m afraid it’s got to be “Spaced Out” (the Shatner/Nimoy compilation) but last week it was the Best of Dinah Washington. Or was it Pretzel Logic? No, wait, it was that Tom Waits … no, Lonnie Donegan … too fickle, too fickle …

  5. Fi
    February 11th, 2005 02:27

    Fleetwood Mac – Greatest Hits. I bought my first copy 15 years ago, on cassette, and am now on my 2nd copy on CD, and still listen to it all the time.

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