Miss Tina C

I caught this program by accident last week. The radio was on in the background when the phrase “stuck under a bridge in Wales, England” caught my ear. The delightfully gingham-clad country singer and global activist Miss Tina C was instantly forgiven for not knowing that Wales is NOT in England, I don’t suppose they taught that much geography in sixties Tennessee and besides, she set out to capture the hearts of the nation and dang, she’s captured mine.

If you click here, select Tina C’s Tiny Island Tour and settle down for 15 delightful minutes of winnebagos and white trash. Brilliant.

Alas this is the final programme in the tour and I missed the first 3. Let’s hope the BBC repeats them in the near future.

Only when you’ve listened to the programme (it’s just 15 minutes) should you go read this. Enjoy.

2 Responses to “Miss Tina C”

  1. Katherine
    February 16th, 2005 21:01

    I caught it the other week when I was ill, very entertaining. Think it was the Scotland edition I heard.

  2. Kimberly
    February 18th, 2005 19:22

    I can’t find it on there. *pouts* Am I missing something?

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