Treading water

In case you haven’t yet seen the excellent spoof Mastercard advert, here it is [via Toni].

And isn’t it time for a Kozo moment? It’s always time for a Kozo moment!

Here’s the smaller frame but better quality version and here’s the larger frame but grainier quality version.

3 Responses to “Treading water”

  1. Morgaine
    February 24th, 2005 13:59

    Thanks for sharing that Kozo moment, it defenitely made me smile :-)

  2. briggy
    February 24th, 2005 15:21


    best chortle of the day!


    well done daisy/toni

  3. Anne
    February 24th, 2005 19:01

    You’re right, peanut. I has been too long since the last Kozo moment, thanks! Now happily off to kozothehippo dot com. byeee.

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