Dogs jumping from bridge

I just came across an odd [via Meri Williams] and distressing story about dogs throwing themslves off a bridge near Overtoun House in Dumbarton [it’s also being discussed at the Museum of Hoaxes].

The house has a strange history, even some of the town residents find it “scary”. I don’t know. The suicide tag is ludicrous, the most likely explanation is that something is distracting the dogs and the 40ft drop is not apparent before they jump. But I feel awfully sorry for the owners if the story is true and whatever the cause.

8 Responses to “Dogs jumping from bridge”

  1. T.
    March 10th, 2005 16:56

    Maybe they should keep their dogs on the lead and not throw sticks/balls/frisbees/small children over the side?

  2. Daisy
    March 10th, 2005 17:58

    You have an evil mind T.

  3. Richard
    March 10th, 2005 19:14

    Dogs sometimes go over the cliff edge at Flamborough Head in East Yorkshire. This is because they like to run along the edge peering down. To be honest, I like going to the edge and peering down but I’m also aware that the cliff edge is crumbling away so I keep my distance. The dogs don’t know this and sometimes slip over the edge.

    The dogs often survive by landing on some slipped land a bit further down the side of the cliff. It’s the owners who die when they try to clamber down to rescue their dog. They discover the hard way that the landslip will support the weight of a dog, but not the weight of a middle-aged human male (the women are usually too sensible to go clambering down the cliff).

    However, I think there’s a malign spirit at the bottom of the cliff who lures dogs towards it as a means of ensnaring the souls of foolhardy pet owners…

  4. briggy
    March 11th, 2005 09:15

    i did a double-check when i saw ‘overtoun house’. i used to work there in dumbarton.

    you must understand daisy. dumbartonshire folk are lovely, warm-hearted folk. but very very strange.

  5. Daisy
    March 11th, 2005 09:51

    Woah, did you really? Do you believe this story?

  6. briggy
    March 11th, 2005 09:57

    sorry. came out wrong.

    i worked near there in the town called Dumbarton.

    no i don’t believe it.

    some Dunbartonshire folk were quite superstitious and prone to believing in supernaturalism. thats a sweeping generalisation of course.

    i liked the place a lot. if u ever come north daisy dunbartonshire and Loch Lomond make a good base.

    leave the dogs at home though. just in case.

  7. Daisy
    March 11th, 2005 09:59

    Leave the mutts at home? Yikes, can you imagine how many sofas they could eat in that time? Much cheaper to bring them with us ;-)

  8. briggy
    March 11th, 2005 11:25

    i often think the same about ma wee boays.

    … but usually i just leave em.

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